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Official visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Syria

22.03.2010 - 24.03.2010

On March 22, at the invitation of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Al-Asad, the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and Mrs. Rita Sargsyan arrived to Syria on a three-day official visit.

The official ceremony of welcoming the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan took place at the People’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic, and was followed by a tête-à-tête meeting of Presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Bashar Al-Asad.

Welcoming the Armenian President, Bashar Al-Asad expressed confidence that reciprocal Presidential visits would become a new impetus for the deepening of Armenia-Syria bilateral relations.

The private meeting of the two Presidents was followed by the negotiations in the extended format with the participation of the official delegations.

The Presidents of Armenia and Syria lauded the current level of the political dialogue of the two countries.

President Serzh Sargsyan expressed gratitude to the President of Syria for the invaluable assistance offered to our people in the gloomiest moments of our history, noting that the Armenian-Syrian community is a reliable bridge between the two peoples and the two countries.

Serzh Sargsyan and Bashar Al-Asad spoke about the implementation of the agreements reached during the Syrian President’s visit to Armenia, stressed the importance of invigorating contacts between the business communities of the two countries, which will allow to expand economic cooperation and increase the turnover between the two friendly nations.

After the meeting, the leaders of Armenia and Syria made a statement for the press and answered questions from the media.

On the second day of his official visit to the Syrian Arab Republic, President Serzh Sargsyan was hosted at the Damascus University – the oldest educational institution of the country. He delivered a lecture on the Armenian-Syrian relations.

President Sargsyan also met with the President of the People’s Council Mahmoud Al-Abash and discussed issues pertinent to the development of the Armenian-Syrian interparliamentary relations and cooperation in international structures.

On the second day of the official visit to Syria, President Serzh Sargsyan continued his meetings with the leadership of the country. The President of Armenia met also with the Prime Ministry of the SAR Muhammad Naji al-Utar. At the meeting discussed were issues pertinent to the deepening of the Armenian-Syrian economic cooperation. The two sides stressed the importance of fostering relations in the economic area and highlighted the necessity of more active contacts between the business communities through the organization of expos, conferences, and similar events. President Sargsyan noted that the large Armenian community of Syria could become a facilitator of the economic interaction.

Serzh Sargsyan visited the Omayad Mosque of Damascus, which originally was constructed as a Christian temple and later was converted into a mosque. For that very reason in Syria the Omayad Mosque is regarded as a symbol of religious tolerance.

In Damascus, President Sargsyan visited also St. Sarkis Church, where he met with the representatives of the Armenian community. He conversed with them about the future of the Armenian-Syrian relations and expressed confidence that it would be bright and steady regardless of any changes, influence of regional forces or any other factors. According to Serzh Sargsyan, these relations have been greatly influenced also by the Armenian-Syrian community, the longevity and power of which also means the empowerment of Armenia.

With the representative of the Armenian community the President spoke also about the prospects of Armenia’s development, difficulties to be overcome on the way, normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations, and the prospects of the NK conflict settlement. “Armenia is our common motherland, and Armenian problems are our common problems. For that reason, I believe it is appropriate to consult with our brothers and sisters, who reside outside Armenia, regarding all thorny issues,” the President of Armenia said.

On the second day of his visit to the Syrian Arab Republic, the President of Armenia met with the governor of Aleppo and discussed the possibilities of fostering the Armenian-Syrian cooperation also on the inter-regional level.

Later, the President of Armenia was hosted by the Armenian community of Aleppo. In a candid and warm conversation with the representatives of the community, President Sargsyan expressed satisfaction with the results of the visit and noted that it would give a new impetus to the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries.

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