The Highest Title of the Republic of Armenia

The Order of Motherland

The Order of Motherland

National Hero of Armenia

The highest title of National Hero of Armenia is awarded for exceptional services of nationwide importance rendered to the Republic of Armenia in the spheres of the defense of the state and strengthening of law and order, as well as for creation of significant national values.

The Order of Motherland is awarded to persons bearing the highest title of National Hero of Armenia.

The following persons have been awarded with the highest title of "National Hero of Armenia"

  • Vazgen I, His Holiness Catholicos of All-Armenians - 28.07.1994
  • Victor Hambardzumian - 11.10.1994
  • Alec Manoukian - 14.10.1994
  • Movses Gorgissian - 20.09.1996
  • Geghaznik Mikaelian - 20.09.1996
  • Monte Melkonian - 20.09.1996
  • Tatoul Krpian - 20.09.1996
  • Vitia Ayvazian - 20.09.1996
  • Jivan Abrahamian - 20.09.1996
  • Yuri Poghossian - 20.09.1996
  • Karen Demirjian - 27.12.1999
  • Vazgen Sarkissian - 27.12.1999
  • Kirk Kirkorian - 27.05.2004
  • Charles Aznavour - 27.05.2004
  • Nikolay Ryzhkov - 05.12.2008 


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