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President Armen Sarkissian’s message on the elections to the Yerevan City Council


Dear Fellow Citizens,

The Central Electoral Commission has recapped the final results of the elections to the Yerevan City Council.

I congratulate us all on conducting the elections in accordance with constitutional norms and principles.

This is the first step of New Armenia on the road towards a fundamental improvement of the electoral processes, which in turn might create an atmosphere of a greater public trust for the next elections. With this regard, I highly value the stance of the competing political alliances and parties and that of the political forces which did not participate in the elections and accepted the results of the elections and congratulated the winning force.

High percentage of votes places a great responsibility on the leadership of My Step political coalition, particularly on the future Mayor of Yerevan. The coalition of Prosperous Armenia and Lyus parties is also expected to work hard in the Council to ensure balance and diversity of opinions.

I wish the new leadership of Armenia productive work for making our capital even more beautiful and for the prosperity of its residents.

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