Foreign visits
Private visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Georgia

27.02.2010 - 28.02.2010

On the first day of his two-day private visit to Georgia, President Serzh Sargsyan in Batumi met with this counterpart Mikhail Sahakashvili. The two Presidents discussed issues pertinent to the further deepening of the Armenian-Georgian friendly relations and economic cooperation. They also spoke about the ongoing works to open the Upper Lars border crossing.

After the meeting, Presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Mikhail Sahakashvili answered questions raised by journalists.

The President of Georgia welcomed this Armenian colleague and noted that his country always rejoices at Armenia’s success and is saddened with Armenia’s problems; Armenia feels the same for Georgia. “I believe, that these cordial relations and close cooperation are conditioned not only ours - the Presidents’ personal input, even though it is important, but first of all they must be credited to our two nations,” President Sahakashvili underlined and added, “Many Armenians visit this town in summer, and locals welcome them with pleasure. In addition, many ethnic Armenians live here and there is also an Armenian church. All ethnic groups coexist peacefully, and we are very proud of that fact and consider it to be our achievement.”

The President of Armenia expressed gratitude for the invitation and warm welcome and said that he heard a lot about Batumi and is much impressed with what he has seen on this visit. Serzh Sargsyan reiterated that Armenia and Georgia enjoy excellent relations and expressed confidence and it will last forever. “We have lived like brothers for thousand years and will continue to.”

Accompanied by Mikhail Sahakashvili, President Serzh Sargsyan made a tour of Batumi, observed construction works and investment programs aimed at the town’s development.

On the second day of his private two-day visit to Georgia, President Sargsyan participated in Batumi at the Sunday service in the Armenian Saint Savior Church, lit a candle, and laid flowers at the cross-stone memorial. In the church yard, the President of Armenia conversed also with the representatives of the Armenian community of Ajaria, who attended the service.

At the conclusion of the visit, the Presidents of Armenia and Georgia summed up the results of the visit. President Sahakashvili expressed satisfaction with the informal meeting with the President of Armenia in Batumi and said, “We have agreed to integrate our economies, meet more often, and even though our relations are very close, to put in more efforts to make the relations between our two peoples even closer. In the future, our meetings will be more dynamic – for the benefit our two nations. We are small nations and we need each other. We depend on each other and this dependency should be used to do a lot of good for our countries.”

In his turn, the President of Armenia also expressed satisfaction with the meeting with his Georgian colleague and said, “We should cooperated more intensely, and think seriously about the integration processes. I am confident that this will be a breakthrough year in our relations. Although we have been having excellent relations throughout our history, we shouldn’t be complacent but move forward.”

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