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Working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to RF

16.11.2010 - 18.11.2010

President Serzh Sargsyan, who is in Moscow on a working visit, was present on November 16 at the annual gala night of the All-Armenian Hayastan Fund, which was also attended by the President of Nagorno Karabakh Bako Sahakian, members of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, Armenian businessmen residing in Russia.

In his address, the President of Armenia, President of the Board of Trustees of the Fund spoke about the activities of the Fund and underscored that the All-Armenian Hayastan Fund was one of those unique structures which being all-national in scope has been able for years to implement vital projects, and particularly to carry the mission of uniting people around an idea. According to the President, the Fund heightens our trust and confidence toward our own strength and, in a larger sense, toward our future.

“We have to thoroughly build and rebuild our home. The residents of that home must have military, legal and social protection. We must continue to get stronger, manifesting solidarity of ten million Armenians. There is no other way to manifest national dignity,” the President of Armenia said.

Serzh Sargsyan mentioned also the NK issue and spoke about maturing of Nagorno Karabakh as a state, about belligerent calls from the neighboring country and our defense capabilities, noting that participants of the event often ask the President to address these questions.

”My message to you is very clear-cut: Nagorno Karabakh is a consummate state which is getting stronger by day. Moreover, it’s a much more democratic state than neighboring Azerbaijan. The negotiations over the peaceful resolution of the issue go on and the sooner Azerbaijan realizes that there is no alternative to the recognition of the NK’s right for self-determination, the sooner negotiations will conclude. As for our defense capabilities, it is explicit: we are strong, we are stronger than ever, and grow stronger by day,” stressed President Serzh Sargsyan.


In the framework of his working visit to Moscow, on November 17 President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the celebrations dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Union of Armenians of Russia, an All-Russian non-governmental organization.

The President praised relentless work of the Union and its numerous projects implemented in Armenia. The President of Armenia congratulated the Union on the jubilee and wished new success, productive work for the benefit of our people and fulfillment of the national aspirations.

“Because the largest Armenian Diaspora is in the Russian Federation, we constantly follow and take notice of your progress and problems. It also explains the fact that the organization which incessantly builds up its capacities – the Union of Armenians of Russia – strives to be among the leaders of the All-Armenian projects. Years of persistent work resulted in the Union’s becoming a unique mainstay around which the Armenians of Russia unite,” President Sargsyan said in his remarks.

Serzh Sargsyan highlighted the role of our compatriots in Spyurk, who after the reestablishment of the Armenian independence together with their brothers and sisters in Armenia bear full responsibility for success and difficulties, contributing to the advancement and strengthening of the Motherland. At the same time, they serve as a bridge in the interstate relations, fostering cooperation and strengthening relations. In this context, President Sargsyan spoke about rich history and great human potential of the Armenian Diaspora of Russia.

“The contribution of our compatriots to the development of the Armenian-Russian cooperation is remarkable, particularly, regarding its economic component. It’s no accident that Russia is our strategic partner and reliable colleague. It’s also no accident that Russia is the leader in the area of investment projects implemented in Armenia. This is a manifestation of exemplary interstate relations which are promoted also by the Armenian community of Russia,” Serzh Sargsyan said, underscoring that our task now is to further expand the Armenia-Diaspora relations and ensure the proper use of our world-spread compatriots’ potential.

By the decree of the President of Armenia, the Chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia Ara Abrahamian was awarded the Order of Honor for his significant contribution to the deepening of the Armenian-Russian friendship and protection of national interests. At the event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Union, the President of Armenia congratulated Ara Abramian and handed the state award.


President Serzh Sargsyan, who is Moscow on a working visit, met on November 17 with the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

The President of Armenia stressed the importance of regular meetings, which according to him, present a good opportunity to discuss in time and coordinate key issues of the multi-faceted Armenian-Russian cooperation.

“I note with satisfaction that our strategic partnership is developing vigorously, and political consultations continue at all levels. Agreements, signed during Your state visit, gave a new impetus to our relations. We agreed to meet in the late fall and recap the process of implementation of the reached agreements,” President Sargsyan said, underscoring also that Armenia strives for peace and security in the Caucasus, and it makes for our country’s efforts to find a lasting solution to the NK issue.

President Sargsyan said that Russia has always played a positive role in the Caucasus and expressed gratitude to Dmitry Medvedev for his efforts. He expressed hope that these efforts would soon bring positive results.

The President of the Russian Federation also stressed the importance of regular meetings of the leaders of the two countries assessing them as essential.

“In fact, we meet during almost every international event to discuss the current situation. We also maintain contact on the bilateral level – You visit us, I visited You. These are opportunities to synchronize our positions on a number of bilateral and regional issues, and of course, discuss the NK peace process and set guide-lines for the future,” the President of the Russian Federation said.


President Serzh Sargsyan met in Moscow with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

On November 17, President Serzh Sargsyan discussed with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the process of development and prospects of the Armenian-Russian economic relations.

Noting that Russia has been Armenia’s main trading partner, President Sargsyan said that this year the turnover between Armenia and Russia has increased by 12 percent. The President of Armenia spoke also about over half a billion US dollars invested by Russia into the Armenian economy last year and said that investments continue to be made this year as well.

“The projects that we implement jointly now, testify to the long-term nature of our economic relations. It can be said about the construction of the new unit of the Metsamor nuclear power station, modernization and development of our railroad system. There are also major and long-term investments in the communications area. In fact, we develop dynamically,” said the President of Armenia, and once again thanked the Chairman of the RF Government for the loan provided to our country. According to the President, lest the loan was provided in time, Armenia would have faced significant difficulties in rebuilding our economy after the crisis. Serzh Sargsyan noted that unfortunately notwithstanding the efforts, due to inclement weather, just as in Russia, the area of agriculture in Armenia has been in decline.

“Whereas our industry has been growing by nearly 10 percent, the area of agriculture has registered 17-18 percent decline. However we are hopeful that in cooperation with Russia we will overcome the crisis since our major enterprises are either joint ventures, or work on Russian capital,” said the President of Armenia.

Prime Minister V. Putin assured that Russia being aware of Armenia’s problems, is ready to continue cooperation and coordinate all issues on the practical level.

“Despite the difficulties in the area of agriculture, which we have gone through due to weather conditions, we nevertheless responded to the request of our Armenian friends and last September shipped grain to ensure that sowing is made in time, so as to provide for good results next year,” noted in response the Chairman of the RF Government.

V. Putin also said that Russia has traditionally been a leading trade partner for Armenia and said that there is no need to talk about the turnover, underscoring that it’s not unsatisfactory.

“It is true that in 2009, during the crisis the turnover suffered some decline but now it’s rising rapidly. Even in 2009, the volume of direct Russian investments in the Armenian economy went up, reaching in total approximately 3 billion USD, or 2,8 billion USD to be precise. In 2009, direct Russian investments grew by half a billion,” Prime Minister Putin said, recalling also 500 million USD state credit provided to Armenia in June of 2009. Mr. Putin expressed hope that it was helpful and timely for the stabilization of the situation in the social and economic spheres.

“Our major companies work actively on the Armenian market, and we are grateful to You that You and the government of Armenia create necessary conditions for their activities,” Prime Minister Putin said to President Sargsyan.

After high-level meetings held today in Moscow, President Sargsyan in the evening attended the official event at the Kremlin State Palace dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Union of Armenians of Russia.


On November 18, President Serzh Sargsyan concluded his working visit to the Russian Federation and returned to Yerevan. On the last day of his visit, President Sargsyan met in the Armenian Embassy in Moscow with a number of representative of public and cultural circles of the Armenian community.

At the meeting, the President of Armenia congratulated and handed RA state awards to the awardees who represent different areas.

On the occasion of the 75th jubilee and for significant contribution to the strengthening of the Armenian-Russian relations, as well as for his long time and productive work in arts, Armen Jigarkhanian, the USSR People’s Artist, was awarded the Order of Honor.

For his significant contribution to the area of journalism and exceptional professionalism, the Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today TV company Margarita Simonian was awarded the Movses Khorenatsi medal.

Sculptor Mikael Sogoian was awarded the title of the “Honored Painter of the Republic of Armenia”.

After the award handing ceremony, Serzh Sargsyan presented to the participants of the meeting the results of his working visit to Moscow which commenced on November 16. According to the President of Armenia, in the framework of the visit he met with the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and discussed with them issues of great importance for our country.

“All issues raised by us have found positive response, and I would like to assure you that I return to Armenia with enhanced confidence for tomorrow,” said the President of Armenia.

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