Accreditation of mass medias

Accreditation of the representatives of Mass Media at the Presidential Administration is conducted according to the RA “Law on Mass Media.”

Accreditation of the journalists covering work of the RA President and activities of the Presidential Administration is performed by the Department of Public Relations and Mass Media at the RA Presidential Administration at the end of each year, in the last two weeks of December.

To be accredited at the RA Presidential Administration, it is necessary to submit an application which should include,

  1. full name of the legal entity engaged in journalistic activities, its legal and administrative type, type of mass media you represent, number of printed copies

  2. Surname, name and patronymic name (if it is present in the passport) of the journalist to be accredited
  3. e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers (if available)
  4. one electronic photo (size 3.5x4.5 and 300 dpi) of the journalist (journalists), which is to be sent to

Accreditation is provided for one year. If the written request of the applicant stipulates a short period of time, the accreditation will be provided for the mentioned period.

Each mass media outlet may accredit not more than two journalists and two photo reporters or two cameramen.

To accredit a representative of a media outlet, which is functioning on the base of foreign laws, in addition to the application it is necessary to submit a photocopy of the credentials issued by the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs verifying accreditation in the Republic of Armenia.

Accreditation is not necessary for a journalist – representative of a mass media outlet functioning on the base of foreign laws, if the media outlet which employs the journalist has a duly registered representation on the territory of the Republic of Armenia through which the journalist has been accredited.  

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