Structure of
the Office to the President

  • Chief of Staff

    Armen Gevorgyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588712   e-mail

    Armen Gevorgyan was born on July 8, 1973 in Yerevan.

    In 1993 graduated from Saint Petersburg State Service Institute with honors.

    In 1993-96 did postgraduate studies at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.Petersburg.

    Concurrently completed Master’s studies as a specialist in Programming of Educational and Retraining Systems at the University of Twente (Netherlands).

    In 1997-1998 served as Assistant to the Prime Minister of Armenia.

    In April 1998 appointed Assistant to the President of Armenia, then the First Assistant to the President of Armenia, Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff.

    In 2006 appointed Chief of Staff of the President of Armenia.

    In June 2007-April 2008 served as Secretary of the National Security Council.

    April, 2008 to October, 2014 - served as Minister of Territorial Administration, held the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia

    Also served as a member of the CIS Economic Council, Special Representative of the President on the issues of cooperation with the CIS countries.

    In 2015 headed the charitable foundation Initiative for Development of Armenia.

    In August-November 2015 participated in the General Management Program of the Business School at Harvard University (Boston, USA).

    June through October, 2016 – served as RA National Security Council Secretary

    October 3, 2016 – Appointed to the post of Chief of RA Presidency Staff

    Awarded the First and Second Degree medals for the Services rendered to the Fatherland, as well as received awards from a number of agencies and international organizations.

    Armen Gevorgyan holds a Master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences.

    Married, with two sons and a daughter.

  • First Deputy Chief of Staff

    Alexan Haroutunian

    Tel. (+374 10) 523887   e-mail

  • Deputy Chiefs of Staff

    Vardan Makaryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588718   e-mail

    Armine Gevorgyan

    Tel. (37410) 588711   e-mail

  • Special Envoy

    Arkadi Ghukassian

    Tel. 52-15-05   e-mail

  • Senior Advisor to the President

    Aram Gharibian

    Tel. (+374 10) 588418   e-mail

  • Advisers to the President

    Mikael Harutyunyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 206098

     Duties of the Chief Military Inspector have been assigned to the Adviser to the President of Armenia Michael Harutyunian 


    Vardan Khachatryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588730   e-mail

    Feliks Pirumyan


    Gagik Gevorkyan


    Fr. Mesrop Aramian

    Tel. (+374 10) 543707   e-mail

    Armen Smbatyan

    Tel. (+37410) 581171   e-mail

    Hasmik Poghosyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588706   e-mail

  • Head of the Presidential Oversight Service

    Hovhannes Hovsepyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 529792   e-mail

  • Assistants to the President

    Armen Abelyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588727   e-mail

    Hasmik Petrosyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588717   e-mail

    Martin Zakaryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 521361   e-mail

    Avetis Berberyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588755   e-mail

    Varuzhan Nersessian

    Tel. (+374 10) 588750   e-mail

    Hrayr Ghukasyan

    Tel. (+37410) 588719   e-mail

  • Press Secretary of the President

    Vladimir Hakobyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588724   e-mail

  • Aides to the President

    Armen Davtyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588716   e-mail

    Nairi Petrossian

    Tel. (+374 10) 588716   e-mail

    Artyom Sedrakyan

    Tel. (37410) 581692   e-mail

    Hovhannes Nikoghosyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 544052   e-mail

    Jemma Hakobyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 524858   e-mail

  • Presidential Oversight Service

    First desk

    Head of the First Desk: Arcrun Torosyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588701   e-mail

    Second desk

    Head of the Second Desk: Hovsep Panosyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 525670   e-mail

    Head of the Desk for Reception of Citizens, Proposals, Appeals and Claims

    Head of the Desk: Aida Asatryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 522330   e-mail

  • Presidential General Military Superintendent's Office

    Chief military inspector: Mikael Harutyunyan.

    Tel. (+374 10) 206098

  • Secretariat of the National Security Council

    Head of Secretariat: Aram Tananyan

    Tel. (+37410) 590201   e-mail

  • Department of External Relations

    Head of the department: Tsovinar Hambardzumyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588756   e-mail

  • Legal Department

    Head of the department: Grigor Mouradian

    Tel. (+374 10) 588790   e-mail

  • Department of Public Relations and Mass Media

    Head of the department: Meri Harutyunyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 525392   e-mail

  • Amnesty, Citizenship, Awards and Titles Department

    Acting Head of Department: Karen Grigoryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 520463   e-mail

  • Department of Analytical Research

    Acting Head of Department: Aram Melkonyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588708   e-mail

  • Human Resource Department

    Head of the human resource department: Margarit Azaryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 520788   e-mail

  • Secretariat

    General department

    Head of the general department: Harutyun Yaghubian

    Tel. (+374 10) 521583   e-mail

    Records department

    Records department head:

    Tel. (+374 10) 588709   e-mail


    Head of the archives: Karine Galoyan

    Tel. (+374 10)588762   e-mail


    Head of the Library: Lilia Vardanyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588762   e-mail

  • Administrative Department

    Head: Varuzhan Grigoryan

    Tel. (+374 10) 520894   e-mail

  • Accounting and Finance Department

    Head of the accounting and finance department: Susanna Hakobyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 520277   e-mail

  • First Department

    Head of the first department: Aida Aghabekyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 588703   e-mail

  • Protocol Department

    Head of the protocol department: Armen Gichian

    Tel. (+374 10) 588707   e-mail

  • Department of Information Technologies

    Head of the department of Information Technologies: Leonid Avetisyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 529575   e-mail

  • Office of the head of presidential administration

    Staff at the Office of the Head of Presidential Administration comprises personnel which provides technical assistance to the officials serving on political, designated and civil positions.  The Office of the Chief of the Presidential Administration involves also the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Armenia.

    Assistant to the First Lady: Vergine Voskanyan

    Tel. (+374 10) 544054   e-mail

Letter to the
President of Armenia

This section allows you to express views, opinions and visions in writing. Letters sent to the President of Armenia from this page are not considered to be formal. These letters are of informative nature exclusively and are not subject to official processing.