05, 2009

On the occasion of passing of the Honorary Artist of Armenia, Henrik Igitian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences

The letter states:

“I received the news of the Honorary Artist of the Republic of Armenia Henrik Igitian’s demise with great sorrow.

Henrik Igitian was a unique individual in our modern history and a devotee of our country and the Armenian culture. He was a pioneer in every area he got involved in, was able to overcome hurdles which seemed insurmountable and open the way for the things that were honorable and beautiful. He proved by his own example that for the true patriot and the true artist there are no insoluble difficulties.

Henrik was convinced that the intellectual should be a step ahead of the others in his thinking and his actions. And he was that kind of a person in political and public life, and in art. Igitian’s Museum of Modern Art gave a new impetus to the development of visual arts, while the Children’s Center for Esthetic Artistic Education is a unique center of the kind in the entire world. These artistic homes today too preach arts without formalities.

Henrik Igitian was devoted to the arts and permanence of the Armenian art. He loved and cherished our culture and would call upon us to “Go to the Museum of Modern Art, and observe our culture which is second to none”.

At this grim time of loss I express my condolences to the family and friends of Hentrik Igitian, to his colleagues and students.”

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