• Chief of Staff

    Emil Tarasyan

    +37410 593055

    Chief of the Presidential Administration. Assumed duties on November 2, 2018.

    Work experience

    From April 25 to November 2, 2018 was Acting Head of the Office of the President, Deputy Chief of Staff.

    In 2016-18 was a Deputy Minister at the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, in 2014-16 – a Deputy Minister of Economy.

    In 2008-14 was the Head of Staff at the RA Ministry of Economy.
    In 2002-08 worked at the RA Civil Service Council as the Head of Nomenclature and Registry Maintenance Department

    In 1999-2002 worked at the RA Ministry on Privatization as a Leading Specialist at the Department for Management of State Property, later at the RA State Property Management Ministry as a Leading Specialist at the Methodology Department. In February-October 2002 was the Chief Specialist of the State Property Management Policies Department.
    1997-98 served at the RA Armed Forces.


    In 2004-07 was a post-graduate student at the Michael Kotanian Institute of Economics of the RA National Academy.

    In 2001 graduated from the RA School of Governance.

    In 1997 graduated from the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Yerevan State University.


    In 2018 received a Letter of Commendation from the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, later received the Large Medal of the same Ministry.

    In 2015 received the Medal of Gratitude from the President of Armenia.

    Authored over ten scientific articles. Holds the rank of the Second Decree State Counsellor of the RA Civil Service.


    Married, with two sons.


  • Deputy Chiefs of Staff

    Karine Avetisyan

    +37410 593044

  • Advisers to the President

    Shahen Avakyan

    +37410 593008

    Hamlet Gasparian

    +37410 593011

  • Advisers to the President (pro bono)

    Tevan Poghosyan

    +37410 593044

  • Assistants to the President

    Lilit Yeremyan

    +37410 593016

    Satenik Abgarian

    +37410 593014

    Hasmik Petrosyan

    +37410 593006

    Gevork Melikyan

    +37410 593009

    Gagik Nahapetyan

    +37410 593010

  • Aides to the President

    Lia Khatchatryan

    +37410 593013

  • Legal Department

    Head of the Department: Hovakim Hovakimyan

    +37410 593021

    Division of legal support

    Head of Division: Shushanik Nazaryan

    +37410 593042

    Division on pardons and citizenship

    Head of Division: Ani Muradyan

    + 37410 593043

  • Department of Presidential Initiatives

    ----: ----

    +37410 593014

    Division of the Special Initiatives for Cooperation

    Acting Head of Division: Hranush Aghayan

    +37410 593046

  • Department of External Relations

    ---: ---

    +37410 593022

  • Protocol Department

    -----: -----

    +37410 593047

  • Department of Public Relations

    Head of the Department: ------.------


  • Department of Human Resources and State Awards

    Head Department: Nare Danielyan

    +37410 593023

    Division of human resources

    Head of Division: Maria Tonoyan

    +37410 593039

    Division of awards and titles

    Head of Division: Margarita Tadevosyan

    +37410 593038

  • Finance Department

    Head of the Department: Anahit Mnatsakanyan

    +37410 593025

    Division of Procurement

    Head of Division: Hayk Khachatryan

    +37410 593033

    Accounting Devision

  • Secretariat

    Acting Head of Secretariat: Armine Gevorgyan

    +37410 593019

    Division of general affairs

    Head of Division: Harutyun Yaghubyan

    +37410 593035

    Division of protocol

    Head of Division: Donara Hovhannisyan

    +37410 593036

  • Expertise and Counseling Group

    Head of the Group: Tigran Liloyan

    +37410 593017

  • Property Management Office

    Housekeeping Department

    Head of Division: Ashot Avetisyan

    +37410 593033

    Division of information technology

    Head of Division: Eleonora Iordanyan

    +37410 593037

    Service Division

  • Department of Internal Audit