08, 2018

President sent a letter of condolences on the demise of the Academician Sergey Hambardzumian

President Sarkissian sent a letter of condolences to the Hambardzumian family on the demise of the Academician Sergey Hambardzumian.

The letter states:

“I learned with great sorrow the news on the demise of the Academician of the RA Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the RF Academy of Sciences, outstanding scientist, great organizer of science and education, a renowned state and public figure Sergey Hambardzumian.

The image of Academician Hambardzumian – a wonderful person and citizen, great scientist and educator is precious and exemplary for us. His scientific achievements command respect and feel our hearts with pride.

The contribution of Sergey Hambardzumian to the creation and development of the Armenian school of mechanics in particular is undeniable as well as his input in the creation of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Science in Soviet Armenia.

His years-long work in education is estimable. He fulfilled that mission with honor and responsibility and for decades was passing to the younger generation the best traditions of fundamental science. His contribution to organizing science and scientific research is significant and was presented in its best during his work at the RA Academy of Sciences and the Yerevan State University.

Sergey Hambardzumian was also an outstanding state and public figure. As a member of the Supreme Council of Soviet Armenia, delegate of the USSR Supreme Council and member of the Presidium, he always, with dignity and dedication of an Armenian intellectual defended interests of Armenia, particularly in Artsakh related issues.

I express deep condolences to the family of Sergey Hambardzumian, his friends, and colleagues.

The bright image of the great state figure, scientist and citizen will always stay in the memory of generations.”


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