05, 2009

Congratulatory message of President Serzh Sargsyan to the highschool graduates

Dear Graduates,

This is a festive day for you. You are graduating from the school and are opening a new page in your lives. Every one of you will have many pages like this in your life.

You all have many dreams and aspirations. Some of you have probably already decided on what they want to do in your lives, the others are still pondering over the choices. I am confident that you, the today's graduates, are destined to become the driving force moving our young democracy forward. To achieve that you should become proud and worthy citizens of the Republic of Armenia, well-educated and capable, high-class specialists and simply good individuals. We will be happy for your success and will be proud with your achievements.

On this festive day, when you receive many congratulations, I am sure that you too want to thank and give your words of appreciation to your teachers and probably as elder friends give your advice and encouragement to those who are just entering the world of knowledge – the first- graders. You will remember your school friends throughout your life; you will also remember the irreplaceable values of humanity and patriotism which you were taught in school.

Dear Graduates,

On this remarkable day, I cordially congratulate you, your parents and teachers. I wish you all success, happiness, and all the best.

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