05, 2009

Congratulatory message by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Republic Day

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Dear Compatriots:

I congratulate us all on the occasion of Republic Day.

May 28, 1918 crowned the centuries-long struggle of the Armenian people. Our people who had gone through foreign oppression, brutal exploitation, racial and religious discrimination, persecutions, massacres and, ultimately, genocide finally assumed responsibility – responsibility for our own destiny, assumed responsibility before the world and before history. It was a moment when many thought that Armenia and the Armenian people would never recover after those heavy blows they suffered. But a new nation of survivors and a new state had emerged from the ruins of two perished empires. Triumphs of May 1918 were revealing stories of our people’s adamant will, unwavering desire to be free, and boundless faith in the Armenian future. Victories of May are among the most shining examples of our unconditional national unity, and I am confident those victories will continue to be the inspiration for many generations as they were for our generation in the struggle for Artsakh’s freedom.

Statehood is the ultimate form of association for any people. Theoretically it is a well-known fact; however that theory had acquired flesh and blood through the toiling of the best sons and daughters of the Armenian nation, through their determination and knowledge, boundless devotion and even through their lives. Irrespective of the achievements and failures of the Republic of Armenia’s the two and a half years of existence one thing is clear: she became the anchor for the today’s Armenia, whose proud citizens we are honored to be.

Modern Armenia is the heir of millennia-long cultural, historical and spiritual achievements which had been created and passed on to us by our predecessors. But Armenia is also a country which belongs to the 21st century, which deals with contemporary challenges and charts her political course with a steady look into the future. In that future we see Armenia as a safe and secure state, as a state of political liberties, as a state of economic development, as a state where science is of international level, as a state which exists in a peaceful and stable region. Probably today all these sounds like a dream, but not to believe in and not to take steps toward such a future means fail to believe in the triumph of righteousness and justice, fail to believe in the eternity of the Armenian nation.

On this glorious day I wish we bow not only to the memory of the heroes of Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan, Gharakilis, not only take pride in the deeds of the founders but also ponder on what worthy work we are going to present to the test of the future generations.

May 28 proves that we, as a nation, are able to set formidable goals and achieve them together, as a nation. It requires collective efforts, internal accord, mutual respect, generosity of spirit and tolerance. Regrettably, sometime we fail to be that way.

For our nation 1918-1920 were the years of national rebirth, outburst of its creative forces and abilities, realization of the right to be free and independent. The young state had failed but through its existence and its demise was able to send serious messages to all succeeding generations of the Armenians. Brief history of the Republic of Armenia even today reminds us that we must reject utterly internal animosity which is wearing out our unity and view the intolerance as evil. The Government of the First Armenian Republic was working hard to prevent the breakup of the Armenian society on ideological or class grounds. Unfortunately, it was not prevented. Seeds of resentment, acrimony and discord bore bitter fruits.

Have we learned that lesson well enough? I would say no, regrettably, no. The events of March 1 would suffice to prove that we still have much to do in learning the lessons of the past. These events, which became our common pain, proved that in our days too a situation can emerge when everybody loses, when unity and kindness lose too, when bitterness and intolerance win and emotions reign.

At some point it is essential to stop.
At some point it is essential to open a new page.

This is what the lessons of the past teach; this is what the future of our country demands.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Today is a great day. I once again congratulate all of us on the occasion of Republic Day and I wish us all peaceful skies, happiness, success and new achievements for the glory of our Motherland and our People.

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