03, 2010

Congratulatory address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Women’s Day

Dear Fellow citizens,

On the occasion of this beautiful holiday, I address our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and colleagues with special words of appreciation and admiration. I cordially and affectionately congratulate you, dear Ladies, on the occasion of this wonderful spring holiday.

Our nation traditionally holds women in high esteem. Through the darkest pages of our history, women have always provided exceptional support, inspiring our nation with hope and faith. Today, it would be impossible to find a sphere of activity which is not dignified with their tender and sensitive presence, the unmistakable trace of their touch.

The Armenian women continue to educate, teach, create, compose, defend, and heal and they do it with honor. They indisputably continue to contribute to the strengthening of our values, to our perceptions of possible and impossible, to our families and warmth of our hearths and pass it all to our children.

Dear Ladies,

I once again congratulate you on the occasion of Women’s Day. Let love, tenderness, and happiness become your constant companions.

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