02, 2011

Congratulatory Message by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Mother Tongue Day

Dear Fellow citizens,

This year, the Republic of Armenia is officially celebrating for the sixth time the Mother Tongue Day. This celebration became yet another opportunity to promote the preservation of our language and reflect on the problems of its development.

Strength of any country is defined by its roots, language, faith and culture – values which are real and actual standard bearers of history, national self-consciousness, and dignity preservation. The role of mother tongue in the process is essential: it is not only one of the most important guarantors for self-expression, but also the rock and defense of its existence, its vigor and spirit, safeguard of its identity.

To move away from the Armenian language would mean to move away from the Armenian nation, our national roots and soil. It would mean to become an outcast who is desolate, forsaken, and has no motherland. Today, we reiterate that the Armenian language and Armenian upbringing ought to rule in our families. Armenian youth ought to deify the Armenian language, be vigilant, conscious and realize that together with mastering a number of languages, one shouldn’t lose the native one.

I congratulate us all on the occasion of Mother Tongue Day. Let’s glorify our language, preserve and develop it; let’s be true to our history and our roots; let’s be worthy followers of the greats of our nation.

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