09, 2011

Congratulatory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the award ceremony in the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Armenia

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Generals and Officers,
Dear Guests,

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence and on receiving high state awards.

I am honored to be handing these awards because gathered today are worthy representatives of our country and our society. It is first of all thanks to these people that our state is strong and thanks to these people our nation moves forward.

Armenia twenty years ago and Armenia of today are two different countries not only for the world but also for us. Our country has transformed first of all because of the people’s, concrete people’s dedicated work. Drops of each person’s efforts come together to become a tremendous force. As the saying goes, “Constant dropping wears away a stone”. We, as a nation for twenty years have been drop by drop “wearing away a stone”. Today, for me each of the awardees is one of these precious and important drops.

Nevertheless, Armenia of twenty years before and Armenia of today is the same country – with the same language, culture and family traditions, same national aspirations. We will stay the same but also different – conservative and modern, national and international, ancient and always new. This is the road toward eternity, if we want to be travelers of eternity.

A soldier or an officer, a scientist or an artist, a doctor or a teacher, a builder or a state employee, a construction worker of a dignitary – we all eventually are doing the same job – we are elements of the same structure. Just as the foundation, pillars and the dome of a temple which have different functions but together represent one entity. In Vahan Terian’s words, “Our country is a temple, and sacred is each stone.” And if every one of us perceives himself of herself as a brick of a temple wall, he or she will see how strong, beautiful and immortal we are together and how vulnerable when a block is missing in the temple wall.

Today, Motherland acknowledges those who have that comprehension, who live and work with that comprehension, who set criteria because tomorrow’s generation will be guided by that very criteria.

I once again congratulate you and thank you for your work. I remain confident that you, together with your colleagues will continue and augment your and our success – success which will allow us in twenty years to have an entirely different, an entirely new country but also the same ancient and dearly loved Armenia.

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