09, 2011

Congratulatory Speech of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Independence Day

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Generals, Officers and Soldiers,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I congratulate us all on the occasion of the Republic’s 20th anniversary of Independence.

Twenty years ago on this day, large numbers of voters were casting ballots into the ballot-boxes with the hands of their children and grandchildren. Those children, who are grown-ups today, would later take over our country and live in free and independent Armenia.

The choice of our people was deeply conscientious. We were also aware that neither of the former Soviet Republics had such unfavorable starting point as was ours. A large part of the country was a disaster zone, and we were at the brink of war. But we handed the ballots to our children and said, “Yes!” Yes, we were ready to assume heroic tasks. And we have.

Those who were not here in Armenia in the 90-s and who watch documentary of those days, cannot believe that it all was like that. Even the streets of Yerevan looked different, to say nothing of Artsakh, borders and towns of Armenia under shelling.

Reinstatement of our statehood was a holiday – our dream came true but first of all it was a responsibility. From that moment on we became responsible for our security, our economy, our culture, our present and our future.

Long live the Armenian nation, which went through war and fire. It went through all this with boundless trust in Armenia, unwavering stance and persistent efforts.

Long live free Artsakh, which has written the most glorious page of our modern history not without the blood of its children.

Long live Armenian volunteers, who at the fateful moment had become the pillars personifying our dignity and self-respect.

Long live the victorious Armenian Army, which is an indispensable component of peace and stability in our region.

Long live builders and construction workers, who restored to life our villages and towns ruined by the earthquake.

Long live Armenian Spyurk, which once was beside Armenia but now has become Armenia’s extension.

Armenia’s weight in the international world is much more than our geographical size. And credit of it first of all goes to a well-organized and dedicated Spyurk. Long live our brothers and sisters living all over the world.

Today, Armenia, notwithstanding all its problems, is an established state. It is proved by today’s military parade. And our most precious possession is the generation of independence. A generation which represents citizens of a free country and cannot imagine any other status. This is a generation which has much to give to its country and to its people but which also has concerns and demands. And these are the most significant precursors of progress.

In two decades, we have made a huge leap forward, however there is still much to be done. Achievements and failures – they are all ours. With this conviction and with the societal accord in the next twenty years we will be able to build a country which will come close to our ideals. I believe in that because I believe in our collective power.

Troops, which will march through this Square in ceremonial step, are contemporaries of our Independence. This is the Armenia which has a millennia-long profound history which is, however, only twenty years old – full of twenty-year’s ardor and enthusiasm, full of passion for life and belief, full of optimism and ambitious programs, but not with the naivety of a twenty-year old. This is a new Armenia, which cannot be deceived or harassed, which cannot be compelled or blackmailed. You can befriend and cooperate with this Armenia, you can celebrate success and share pain with this Armenia, you can set example for and learn from this Armenia. This is a new Armenia which remembers much but is not vindictive, which has seen much but today is looking into future.

This parade is a glorious episode of the Armenian nation’s perpetual march.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I once again congratulate us all on this great holiday and wish our state new anniversaries and centennials.

The Republic of Armenia is twenty years old,

Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live the Armed Forces,


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