09, 2012

Congratulatory Address by President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of the NKR Independence Day

Dear Artsakhians,

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of Independence Day.

It’s been more than two decades that you have been healing the wounds inflicted by the war unleashed by the short-sighted authorities of Azerbaijan; you are restoring to life your villages and towns devastated by the deadly bombs and missiles, your homes and schools; you are building and beautifying the land of your ancestors. Today, we state with confidence that the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh is an accomplished state – democratic and developing. It is obvious for the entire world, even for those who hate to admit it.

In 1991, when the people of Artsakh were making their historic decision, we told Azerbaijan that the Armenians must not be underestimated. Our words fell on deaf ears. We said that we didn’t want war but we were ready and would fight. And again our words fell on deaf ears. We said that we were not afraid of maniacs, sadists and murderers, that we had already seen that. Once again our words fell on deaf ears. And they unleashed war which had one clear-cut goal –to wipe the Armenians out from the territory of Artsakh, or at least to expel them. The program of ethnic cleansing failed, as will fail every new one.

Today, we state the same: Armenians must not be underestimated; we don’t want a war, but if we are forced to, we will fight and win; we are not afraid of murderers even of those enjoy the highest patronage. And again our words fall on deaf ears. Well, they have been warned.

Recently, we have witnessed a morbid episode. The one who killed with an axe a sleeping Armenian officer was set free. We expect the response of the international structures as well as of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs on this. However regardless of the response, on behalf of the people of Artsakh and the entire Armenian nation, I would like to pose a question – after what has happened, is there a living soul on this planet who will advise the people of Artsakh to become part of Azerbaijan, a country where illicit orders set free and publicly glorify every bastard which kills people only because they are Armenians?

A greater disgrace for the European justice is hardly to be imagined, particularly for Armenia and Artsakh, because it was looked upon for guidelines, but now we have seen another face of it.

Dear compatriots, unfortunately the history of Artsakh has never been short of the invaders and brigands. We know that, we also know how to send them right where they belong – to the cesspit of history. We have been doing it regularly, and if needed, will do it again.

Almost daily, and particularly in recent days, we are witnessing new proofs on how justified the choice made by the people of Artsakh 21 years ago was. We continue to receive new striking evidence what was in store for the people of Artsakh. Today is a great day, and nothing can spoil our glorious holiday. I wish your families peace and prosperity.

Long live free Artsakh – embodiment of Armenian dignity!

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