12, 2012

Congratulatory Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of the National Security Force Day


Distinguished Representatives of Armenia’s National Security Force,

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of your professional holiday.

You have made a significant contribution to the strengthening of the foundations of our statehood, for the peaceful and secure development of our country.

In the contemporary world, security issues have a special intensity. In these new and more complex conditions, you have been able to fulfill your duty with honor, maintaining the proper level of security for our state and our people.

I am confident that you will carry on with your service to the Motherland and the nation in the same spirit, also will advance your professional skills and abilities in all areas entrusted to you.

Challenges posed to our people’s peaceful life and security must receive an adequate response, and you efficient work will guarantee that.

I once again congratulate you and wish you good health, further success and achievements for the benefit of our state’s and nation’s security.

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