07, 2011

President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the First Army Conference of Young Officers

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Today, the President of Armenia, Commander-in-Chief Serzh Sargsyan participated at the First Army Conference of Young Officers which took place at the A. Spendiarian National Opera and Ballet Academic Theater.

In his statement the President of Armenia said,


I am glad to have this opportunity to participate at the First Conference of Young Officers of the Armenian Armed Forces, and I salute you all. I attach the utmost importance to the fact that such a conference is being organized. I hope the conference will be truly efficient and will become a traditional event.

Today, I would like to give you some precepts which, I believe, are important particularly for young officers, who are just starting their career:


The medieval European knights, and in Armenia those were the representatives of military clans and princely dynasties, are the prototypes of the contemporary army officers. The nobility made the core of national armies. There can be no state unless there is such organized force. One might think that in the 21st century such historical parallels are outdated, but it would be a superficial impression. Go through the descriptions of any battle fought by the Armenians in the Middle Ages and you will see that at crucial points it were the sons of nobility who had been defending in the explicit meaning of the word the honor of their family, and ultimately – their motherland. My first precept is: remember that you, young officers, carry the same responsibility on your shoulders and have the same mission – to defend the honor of your paternal home, i.e. of your fatherland. Yes, times and situations change, but you are the carriers of the nobility’s mission, the heirs of military traditions; if you are not yet, you must become soon.


That legacy implies certain line of conduct and posture. Our society has almost forgotten that officers are a part of intelligentsia, people with higher education. Yes, you job is very special, nevertheless you are an important segment of the national intelligentsia. It is predominantly you that ought to rid our society of the stereotype of a rude and boorish military, particularly now when you are also engaged in administrative processes. You are a part of intelligentsia; if you are not yet, you must become soon.


Officers are the backbone of the state. The state is as strong and upright as its officers corps. There is only one way to break any country’s backbone – to crush its officers. It means that you are a part of the intelligentsia which is target number one for the enemy. Thus, you are the fatherland’s first line of defense, and we – the people and the authorities – know that. We know that and are ready to do for you all thinkable and unthinkable. In sense of readiness to carry out the mission – psychologically, physically, and knowledge wise - you are the most capable segment of our society; if you are not yet, you must become soon.


Discipline, courage, excellent physical shape, erudition – these are essential but not yet all qualities which make the character of the Armenian officer complete. And there is also the fifth point – the winner’s mentality. You live among and often serve along with the troops who have won glorious victories in the struggle for Artsakh’s freedom. They know what the winner’s mentality is. Your sacred duty is to take over that mission from the senior generation. And remember that the enemy is afraid of you because it has the example of your fathers and older brothers before their eyes. Today and tomorrow you are the ones who set example; if you are not yet, you must become soon.


In the last war, the Armenian troops dealt blows that crushed each and every stronghold. The might of that blows has implanted seeds of panic and despair. As a result, there are not even lines standing. We have seen on many occasions the backs of the enemy retreating in disorder. Our rounds of fire and volleys glorified freedom of the man and the nation, human and national dignity. Relations in our army – from commanders to soldiers, were classical examples of friendship, mutual assistance and brotherhood-in-arms. We did not succumb either to inexperienced recruits, or to skilled mercenaries, or to the exceeding numbers of the enemy. For us, those were just additional warning signs to be more vigilant.

Yes, we have won in a lengthy, excruciating and disproportionate war. Some, by saying “disproportionate war” mean the fact that Azerbaijan had more money, more military equipment and more troops. It is true; but for me it was a “disproportionate war” because the strong was fighting against the weak, and we were the strong. Freedom fighters were fighting against the invaders, and we were the freedom fighters. The just was fighting against the unjust, and we were the epitome of the just.

Today, we support peace but if the invaders and the unjust for a moment consider another reckless scheme, I know without a shade of doubt that there will be disproportion again, and once again we will be the strong because the defender of the paternal home and fatherland is invincible and unbeatable.


Now, you are the ones who signify the notion of “We”, and I assure you, it is a great honor and privilege indeed, for all of you.

I wish you all great success and safe service.

I believe in you, I am proud of you, and let God protect you.

Thank you.”


Today, after the First Conference of the Young Officers of the Armenian Armed Forces, which took place at the A. Spendiarian State Opera and Ballet National Theater, President Serzh Sargsyan conversed with the officers participating at the event and responded to the questions raised by them. Company Commander, First lieutenant Armen Harutyunian noting that after the Kazan meeting the situation around the NK conflict has become active again, meaning that President Sargsyan had a phone conversation with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and met yesterday with the RF Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, inquired about the current stage of the NK peace process and asked if there was a mounting pressure from the international community. In response to the officer’s question the President of Armenia said,

- First, I want to say that we will do everything to solve the issue peacefully. The process is going on and in that process we display constructive approach. Everyone knows that, a part of those who know it is encouraging us, the other part is trying to criticize. However, it’s not important. The important thing is that talks about pressure are exaggerated. The Co-Chairs states are trying to bring positions of all parties closer together, and when I say “all parties” I mean Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. The process is exacting but it should be that way. We never said it’s going to be easy. Our position is clear-cut and that position is not easily accepted by the other side. We will do everything to ensure a just solution. If there are more officers like you, who boost our confidence, double our strength, we’ll have no problems. The stronger you are, the higher our army’s combat readiness, the stronger our negotiating position is. So, first of all thank you, and second, I wish you excellent service.

First lieutenant Armen Harutyunian assured that he and all his friends - young officers of the RA Armed Forces don’t underestimate the enemy but also they trust their own strength and stand ready to execute with honor even the most challenging assignments.

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