04, 2012

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Syunik marz

Today, President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Syunik marz.

The President of Armenia visited the Agarak copper-molybdenum enterprise Ltd, where he familiarized with the development programs and participated at the opening ceremony of the expanded and modernized flotation unit of the plant.

During the tour of complex, President Sargsyan was informed that after the construction works for the new unit of the concentrating mill are completed, it will be reequipped with new flotation machinery in line with the European standards. According to the management of the company, the processing of mineral stones in 2012 will be increased from 2.7 tons to 3.5 tons. After the reconstruction of the Agarak copper-molybdenum enterprise and acquisition of new machinery, the number of employees will reach 985 which makes one third of the population of this industrial town. This year, the average salary will make around 250.000 AMD.

In border town of Agarak, President Sargsyan visited also the renovated Cultural Center where the Agarak and Zangezur copper and molybdenum complexes with the co-financing of the community and financial participation of Armenia’s Fund for Social Investments have conducted works for 80,5 mln AMD. The Center, which has a concert hall, a sport hall and all necessary facilities is already functioning.

During his working visit to Syunik marz, Serzh Sargsyan visited also the construction site of a new medical center in Meghri and familiarized with the works. He was informed that the construction of a new, two-storied medical center in Meghri will unite in the new building all in-patient and out-patient facilities of the Meghri and Agarak medical centers which will allow to provide the population of the marz with more efficient and geographically accessible medical services. It was noted that the new multisectoral medical compound, which covers the area of 3500 square meters, will comprise general therapy, pediatrics, infectious diseases, surgical, obstetrics and intensive care departments. The Center will also have the emergency and routine care rooms, adjacent diagnosis department and auxiliary services. For the construction of the Center, the Meghri City Hall has allocated a 1.2 hectare of land. The program commenced in 2011 and is to be completed in the end of 2013.

Today, in Syunik the President of Armenia participated also at the opening ceremonies for the grinder unit of the Zangezur copper and molybdenum enterprise and the newly renovated pediatrics department of the Kapan Medical Center.

Zangezur copper and molybdenum enterprise Ltd, which is working the larges in Armenia copper and molybdenum mine – the Qajaran mine, has constructed a new semi-grinder unit. According to the management of the enterprise, as a result of the semi-grinder’s work not only the productivity of the enterprise has risen by 40-50% but another 150 jobs have been created, with the average wages of 250,000 AMD. The enterprise hires 3,300 employees whose average wage is 287,000 AMD.

After the opening ceremony at the pediatrics department of the renovated Kapan medical center, President Sargsyan toured the premise and familiarized with the quality of the accomplished works and services. The two-storied pediatrics department of the Kapan medical center was built in 1960-s. It was renovated in 1980 and got a face-lift in 2005 and was in need of a thorough renovation. The pediatrics department of the hospital services 400-500 children annually. The President of the Republic was informed that in the framework of the Hayastan Fund program, the pediatrics department of the renovated Kapan medical center has been furnished with the heating system, its water supply, sewage and heating systems have been totally changed, interfloor wooden covers have been substituted with concrete coating, the territory of the unit has been redesigned, external walls have been painted and installed with waterproofing materials while the roof has been entirely renovated. In the framework of the program, along with the renovation the department was also refurnished and equipped with new devises; it has also been provided an ambulance car.

After the repair works in the department are concluded, it will hire another 10-12 employees and it will be able to provide medical services to 600-650 children.

The pediatric department of the hospital provides services also the children with somatic diseases. The department has also an intensive therapy room. The center for the rehabilitation of the children with mental and physical impediments is situated and functioning on the first floor. The plans include also the creation of the department for the resuscitation and intensive care for the newborns which will serve also the children with similar problems from other communities of Syunik.

On April 17, the second day of his working visit to Syunik marz, President Sargsyan visited the Geological Museum in Kapan. The total renovation of the two divisions of the Museum was accomplished last March, as it was envisaged by the timetable of the actions adopted by the order of the President.

During the tour of the Museum premises, the President was informed that through the funds provided for the entire renovation of the Museum, in 2011 the roofs of the two units were repaired, the floors were refurbished, windows and doors were replaced; interior and external finishing jobs were performed, the heating system was restored. The issue of the preservation of the Museum exhibits, its security, organization of the permanent, temporary and outdoors exhibitions, as well as the issues of the popularization of the cultural assets of the Museum were solved.

In Kapan, the President of Armenia visited the milk and meet processing Vamax Group and Marila Companies, familiarized with the investments, working conditions and development programs. Serzh Sargsyan was informed that since its establishment in 2007, Vamax Group has implemented large scale construction works, imported modern machinery, bringing the Company in line with the European standards. Currently, the size and production capacity of the Vamax Group make it one of the largest processing companies of Armenia.

According to the leadership of the Company, Marila Ltd established in 2010, has imported from Germany meat processing machinery for 650,000 Euros and can process two tons of produce daily. As a result of the construction and administrative work, since May 2010 Marila introduced in the market the Syunik Cookmeats products and assortment meats which are made of local produce exclusively. As for the future programs of the Company, it was noted that currently a new production line for milk processing is being installed under the supervision of the German experts. The line is to become operational in May, 2012.

During the tour of the mentioned companies, President Sargsyan was informed that capacities of the milk and meat producing companies have been determined with the prospect of purchasing meat and milk from the nearby farms and agricultural enterprises which will enhance the cattle breeding in this region.

In Goris, President Sargsyan visited also the site of the apartment building which is being constructed in the framework of the Social Home program and familiarized with the works for the Goris-2 phase of the program. He was reported that this stage of the “Social Home with assistance” program, which commenced in 2011 and is conducted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and through the co-financing by the RA Government, will solve the problems of 22 needy refugee families who have been living in the wagons. Goris-2 program is building a three-storied home which will comprise 20 apartments. It was noted that during the first, pilot phase of the program, two 2-storied social homes with 13 apartments have been constructed which were settled mainly by refugees and the extremely needy members of the community.

At the Darbas community of Syunik marz, Serzh Sargsyan visited also canning factory and mineral water enterprise of the Shamb Business Company. Here, the President was informed of the investments made to Shamb local enterprises since their establishment, production capacities of the enterprises, their development programs and created jobs. The leadership of the Company noted that all produce for the processing is being purchased from the regional farms. They also said that production volume in 2011 was close to 175 tons, 80% of which was exported to the Russian Federation. The enterprise employs 60 workers. In 2012, the number of jobs will grow up to 120, with the average salary of 70,000 AMD.

The production capacity of the mineral water plant, which produces mineral water and lemonade in glass and polyethylene bottles, is 5,000 per hour. The greater part of the production is being exported; the plant employs 53 workers. In 2012, the number of the workers will reach 70, with the average salary of 70,000 AMD.

President Serzh Sargsyan stressed the importance of creating and developing local production and wished success to the future programs of the noted enterprises.



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