07, 2012

In Tsakhkadzor Serzh Sargsyan observed the finals of the annual “The Best Sport Family” competition

Today, at the main Olympic sport complex in Tsakhkadzor, President Serzh Sargsyan observed the finals of the annual “The Best Sport Family” competition conducted for the RA Presidential Award.

At the finals, competing were the best sport families of Armenia and NKR which have successfully overcame the previous stages of the competition. “The Best Sport Family” competition, which is being organized for nine years in a row, this time too has been conducted in six sports for three age groups.

The President congratulated the winners of the “The Best Sport Family” competition and noted with satisfaction that each year the competition attracts more participants and today “The Best Sport Family” competition is going on among thousands of families. According to the President of Armenia, from the very beginning the competition was intended to attract a growing number of participants each year.

According to Serzh Sargsyan, besides being a means for maintaining good health, for the families participating in the competition it is also conducive to family accord. “I cannot imagine that a family in discord can participate or win in this competition. Familial accord helps to overcome problems existing in our lives, helps not to complain much and, in general, to be a more optimistic person, while a cohesive family is a necessary and essential part of a cohesive society,” President Sargsyan said and underlined that regardless of how big or small the victory is, it is precious, particularly the one which was won in a fair competition.

The President of Armenia handed certificates of achievement to the winners, monetary awards and souvenirs.

Serzh Sargsyan also presented the children of 108 families which took part at “The Best Sport Family” competition with the sport uniforms and souvenirs.

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