08, 2012

President Serzh Sargsyan familiarized with the progress of road construction projects carried out in Yerevan in 2012

Today, President Serzh Sargsyan accompanied by Mayor Taron Margarian visited the construction site of the highway which connects Admiral Isakov Avenue of the capital with Leningradian Street and familiarized with the works.

The Mayor briefed the President of Armenia on the progress of this and other road construction projects carried out in Yerevan, presenting also the prospective road construction projects. It was noted that the construction of the highway connecting Admiral Isakov Avenue with Leningradian Street, which is envisaged in the city’s general plan for 2005-2020 and constitutes a part of the Yerevan encircling highway, is aimed at unloading the traffic flows to the central parts of the capital. As a result, traffic on Leningradian Street, Tsitsernakaberd road, Athens Street, and Isakov Avenue will become less congested and at the same time will allow to travel directly from the Kievian Bridge towards Isakov Avenue.

At the moment, construction is going on for the 2.6km long road between Isakov Avenue and Leningradian Street and for nearly 1.9km of arterial streets. There will be constructed two traffic interchanges at the intersections of Isakov Avenue and Leningradian Street. Alongside the highway constructed will be a water pipe-line, sewage, gas pipe-line, external illumination, as well as the underground dataway. The President was reported that as of August 20, 2012, over 60% of the construction works and 80% of land works have been accomplished. The construction of the highway is to be completed on February 1, 2013.

According to the report of Mayor Taron Margarian regarding other road construction projects to be carried out in Yerevan in 2012, currently works are underway for the construction of the road between Ulnetsi and Rubiniants Streets and reconstruction of the Halabian-Abelian intersection, while the reconstruction works of Silikian and Tsarav Aghbyur Streets, as well as the construction works on Arami and Byuzandi Streets have already been completed.

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