09, 2012

Working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Shirak marz


Today, President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Shirak marz. President Sargsyan participated at the opening of the newly constructed multifield medical center whose groundbreaking on October 23, 2010 was attended by the President. Serzh Sargsyan toured the center equipped with the state of the art devices, familiarized with the accomplished works and created conditions.

During the tour, President Serzh Sargsyan was informed that the multifield medical center has extensive capabilities for the diagnosing, as well modern equipment, surgical rooms, intensive and emergency care units, comfortable wards and apparatus do conduct medical long-distance consultations with the leading clinics in the capital and abroad. The construction of Gyumri’s new medical center and its stuffing with the modern devises has been realized through the financing of the World Bank in the framework of the Modernization of the Health Care System with the co-financing of the Government of Armenia.

In the framework of his working visit, the President visited also the Austrian Maternity and Childcare Hospital of Gyumri. President Sargsyan visited this facility also on April 7, 2012 familiarized with the existing conditions, spoke about the current problems with the medical staff and management of the hospital. The President of Armenia assured that the raised issues would be solved in a short period of time, to make the hospital comfortable, staffed with a high-class medical team and equipped with the up-to-date gear. With this regard, the President assigned the relevant officials with the concrete tasks. Today, at the renovated hospital, the President familiarized with the conducted works and implementation of the tasks assigned during his previous visit.

As a result, the Austrian Maternity and Childcare Hospital of Gyumri has been renovated, equipped with the essential medical devices and furniture. The Austrian side provided modern medical devices which are intended for the furnishing of the reception room, intensive care, diagnosis departments, and surgical rooms. The hospital has become a high-class medical center, in line with the modern standards.

At the conclusion of the tour, President Serzh Sargsyan answered to the questions raised by the representative of the mass media.

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