10, 2012

Working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Vayots Dzor marz


President Serzh Sargsyan left on a working visit to Vayots Dzor marz. This morning, in Jermuk, President Sargsyan participated at the winding-up plenary session of the 2nd Conference of the Rural Communities.

The Conference was attended by the heads of the rural communities from all marzes of the Republic. The Conference was convened to discuss the current issues present in the system of local self-governance of the rural communities, to share experience, and to achieve sustainable development of the rural communities through the exchange if information on the policies and programs which are currently being implemented. The President saluted the participants of the event and wished the Conference fruitful works.

“We have spoken much of the importance of the well-established local self-governance system. The implemented state policy is also aimed at the accomplishment of that goal: we will carry on with out strategy of providing more freedom and opportunities for making decision locally, and will continue to support such programs through the state budget.

This is in one hand. On the other hand, there is a very important factor which should be considered by all of us. I am talking about our role, our line of conduct and our ability to stand by the people. Let me clarify.

Today, we have a situation when our economic indices have started to improve significantly, we have registered progress in the electoral processes, our positions are strong in protecting our borders and Armenia’s role on the international arena increases; however, we haven’t yet created a social milieu in which everyone, or at least the majority, believe in success and support our initiatives aimed at carrying out the reforms. People are dissatisfied, they are still disappointed.

Dissatisfaction is mainly related to the social and economic area, activities of the state and local authorities; there is lack of prospects and hope, mistrust towards the leaders of different levels.

Actually, presently the pessimistic societal outlook is one of the most significant problems our country faces and constitutes a serious impediment on our road towards development and changes. We will, certainly, change the situation; each of our citizens will see and believe that the route taken by Armenia is the only invincible and prospective route. But people must see results, must be confident that every taken step serves that purpose. People must trust, simply must trust.

As the leaders of the self-governing bodies, you are the first line of contact for our society. Your each irresponsible step, indecent act or unfair decision instantly turns into disbelief towards the country and its advancement. Society feels the lack of the leaders who can inspire hope by their every day actions. We should understand that. You are also these very people who should become such leaders. Our citizens interact with you on a daily basis, and confidence lost because of your actions will be very difficult to recover on the state level. When I say, you, dear colleagues, I naturally don’t mean people sitting here but elected leaders of different levels. We all are doing almost a similar job. One’s scope of work is huge, the other’s – a little smaller. No one force any of us to come, to get nominated, and be elected. If we came, and got nominated and got elected, it means we must be ready to serve those people who have elected us. We must do our best lest the people change their minds about trusting and electing us. These are very important observations and please keep them in mind every day. Remember and before leaving for job think about not only what you are going to do, but also how you are going to do it. Your mission is not only in the resolution of the accumulated problems, but in solving them the way people feel satisfied with. Remember, we are not some khans who solve people’s problems with gloomy faces and expect them to be grateful for that. Never fall into the trap of that illusion, it’s a very dangerous path.

We have stepped on a great road of change. Our programs will succeed only if the entire society believes in them and supports them. Remember that this is also part of your job and is not less important.

That’s what I wanted to tell you. Naturally, I could have given other nuances to my brief speech, could have spoken, for instance, about great results we have achieved, and could have brought nice examples. We have brilliant examples of the people dedicated to their country, to their job, who do their best to justify people’s confidence. However I believe that it’s not our style. Everything we have done cannot be taken away from us and in many cases has even been forgotten. We should speak about problems which hinder having a better community, a better town or a region and eventually a better state. And such problems are plenty. And the more we talk about the problems, the more visible will become the way to solve them, and the more people will trust. If there is no trust, neither of us can live contentedly, can not lead a hundred, a thousand or a ten thousand strong community. And I repeat that to lead means to serve the idea. And I am confident that at least the majority of the people present in this hall serve the idea. Thank you and I wish that every one of you, we all overcome all the difficulties with honor,” President Serzh Sargsyan said.

After participating at the winding-up plenary session of the 2nd Conference of the Rural Communities, the President visited Areni community and attended the traditional Fruit Fest and Wine Fest.

In another border community of the marz – Khatchik, President Serzh Sargsyan visited the construction site of the house being built for the large family of Abrahamians, familiarized with the works and planted a nut tree in the backyard. Serzh Sargsyan participated also at the opening ceremony of the newly renovated secondary school. During the tour of the school premise, President Sargsyan observed the quality of the works, conditions in this educational institution and in the pre-school which was opened here last year.

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