10, 2012

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Aragatsotn and Shirak marzes


Today, President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Aragatsotn and Shirak marzes.

In Aragatsotn, the President of Armenia was present at the inauguration of the newly constructed wine and cognac producing factory of the Golden Grape ArmAs Company. In September 2010, President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the groundbreaking ceremony of the plant. President Sargsyan toured the units of plant which has been constructed in full compliance with the modern standards, familiarized with the production conditions and the development programs of the Company.

The President of Armenia was informed that on the 200 hectares of Kosh community in Aragatsotn marz and 20 hectares of untilled land in Sasunik community, the Golden Grape ArmAs has made considerable investments to make that land usable for agricultural purposes. As a result, today the vineyards are established on the more than 160 hectares, 400,000 grapevines have been planted, cognac, wine and table varieties of grape are being cultivated, while 40 hectares have been allocated for the fruit-bearing varieties of grape. Currently the Company is switching from the cultivation of grapes to the processing and has started the purchasing process.

According to the responsible representatives, starting from May 2013, the factory will present its first production - Chateau ArmAs red, white and rose-colored wines and three years later will produce its first ArmAs cognac. The representatives of the Company said that the high-quality Armenian production from the local produce manufactured according to the highest technological standards will be sold not only in the domestic market but also abroad.

In the framework of the development programs, the Golden Grape ArmAs envisages also to create in the area a plant for the production of juices, jams and fruit preserves, as well as greenhouses, a stock farm and a fishery. Contraction works for the mentioned projects are already underway.

Among important initiatives of the Company are also programs aimed at the development of agro tourism. Towards that end, a hostel has been built on this territory which will be put into commission next May. After familiarizing with the ongoing works and prospective plans, the President wished success to the Company in its future activities.

From Aragatsotn, the President of Armenia left for Shirak marz. At Moush-2 and Ani neighborhoods he familiarized with the conducted and ongoing works in the framework of the second phase of the Program on Providing Housing with the State Support to the Shelterless Families in the Disaster Zone.
In the framework of the state assistance program, which commenced in 2008 with the 85billion AMD fund aimed at the providing the shelterless families in the disaster zone with housing, 3714 beneficiary families have already received homes and houses as well as financial support.
Along with that, 743 apartments under construction and additional 608 apartments/housing units after their completion will solve the housing problems of another 1351 families.

At the rural communities of Shirak, Lori and Aragatsotn marzes, over 400 families, which qualify for a studio apartment, will receive financial assistance. As a result, almost 5500 families – beneficiaries of this program will solve their housing problems.

The second phase of the state sponsored housing construction program commenced in the disaster zone in 2010, covering Moush-2 and Ani neighborhoods of Gyumri. The neighborhoods were put into commission with all necessary infrastructure – water supply and sewage, gasification, electricity lines, street lighting and roads covered with asphalt; the apartments have interior design and some conventional necessities. The resurface is conducted by the Glendale Hills Company.
Serzh Sargsyan was present also at the opening ceremony of the newly constructed school of Moush-2 neighborhood. He toured the premise, familiarized with the works and conditions at this educational establishment.

During the tour of the newly constructed Moush-2 and Ani neighborhoods, President Sargsyan visited a number of apartments and congratulated the families sitting over the housewarming feasts.

At the construction site of the new buildings, the President of Armenia familiarized with the general layout of the neighborhood. The President was shown the building designs and reported on the progress of the construction works, including the design for the resurface of Moush-2 compound. After the discussions, the Glendale Hills Company pledged to build through its own funds a kindergarten at Moush-2 neighborhood.

At the conclusion of the tour, President Sargsyan gave instructions to the responsible officials.


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