10, 2013

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Tavush marz


President Serzh Sargsyan conducted today a working visit to Tavush marz. The President of Armenia visited an apartment building (64 apartments with the total area of 63002m) constructed for the employees of the RA Central Bank (CB) Educational and Research Center in Dilijan. He familiarized with the living conditions, conversed with the employees of the CB who have moved to Dilijan and members of their families.

Serzh Sargsyan visited the day-care center for children at the first floor built in compliance with international standards which is being attended by 15 children of the CB employees aged 2-6. The children’s center will also accommodate children from Dilijan and neighboring settlements.

In Dilijan, the President familiarized also with the dwelling spaces built for the CB employees where along with cottages there will be the infrastructure for sporting events, trade and services, outdoors and indoors swimming pools.

At the CB Dilijan Educational and Research Compound, President Sargsyan visited also the Center for the implementation of the joint programs together with the American University of Armenia and familiarized with its activities. The President of Armenia was informed about the main objective of the Center and its ongoing activities. It was noted that the creation of the center equipped with modern devices and technological solutions will facilitate implementation of regional and international educational programs in the area of economy and finance which will fully correspond to international requirements. It will also allow to conduct retraining of the CB employees. Currently, the Center employs 58 workers who have moved from Yerevan to Dilijan with their families.

It was also noted that there are areas in the Center allocated for commercial banks, ArCa processing center, for ARCA credit and APPA bureaus with the option of creating back-up database reserve servers. There is also a regional cash register center which will allow to service regional financial organizations. In addition, the Central Bank Board is conducting here its meetings.

A special area is allocated for the educational programs conducted jointly with the American University of Armenia. The Master of Economy program, which is based on the requirements of the Central Bank, was launched in September 2013.

According to the responsible officials, together with Ayb high school, Dilijan will have a new school building, construction of which is to be concluded by the beginning of the next academic year. Currently, the school is functioning at the premise of the Center, where 45 children of the CB employees and Dilijan residents are studying together.

The President visited also the Dilijan International School, where he was briefed on the process of the construction works. It was noted that as of October 2013, the school construction involved 730 workers with the average salary of AMD 310.000.

In June-October 2013, according to the responsible officials, large-scale works have been conducted in the construction of the educational, sporting, design and technology sections of the Center, medical unit, technical facilities and dormitory. Works on heating, sewage, water supply, gasification and cable network are nearing the end. It was underscored that the Dilijan International School will open its doors in September 2014. In the first academic year, it will accept 90 students, while in 2023 their number will reach 650 students from 60 countries of the world.

The President was informed also about the forthcoming programs of the Dilijan International School Fund: the Fund is working on a technical justification for announcing an international tender for the development of the concept for the master plan of Dilijan town. The Fund is planning also to renovate the Park in Dilijan so that it becomes a suitable venue for the organization of cultural and other events.


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