09, 2014

President Serzh Sargsyan makes working visit to Armavir marz


President Serzh Sargsyan today made a working visit to Armavir marz.

The Armenian President visited a fully-renovated secondary school in Norapat, toured the educational institution, familiarized with the construction works implemented and the new conditions of the school. The renovation works of the school built in 1971 ended on September 20 this year. At present, 170 pupils study at the school which has 12 classrooms and 27 pedagogues. The president was reported that along with the interior works, the tiling, the renovation of the roofs and the replacement of the windows, a new heating and water supply systems have been installed, a green playground has been built, the gymnasium has been replenished with new properties, the whole territory of the school has been enclosed and covered with trees and shrubs.

Later on, President Serzh Sargsyan visited the company MAP in Lenughi community where he attended the opening of modernized grape purveyance workshop. The Armenian President was presented the company which produces brandy, wine and fruit and berry tins, as a result of the full-renovation of the enterprise, modernization, saturation with modern technologies and introduction of quality control systems has acquired a modern new Italian production line for grape purveyance and wine production. The modernization project started in October 2013 and ended at the beginning of September this year. As a result of the works implemented, the production capacity of the factory today allows purveying up to 20000 tons of grapes and up to 20000 tons of fruits and vegetables every year. According to the executives, they are planning on purveying 10000 tons of vegetables, including 8000 tons of tomatoes, 500 tons of fruits and 4000 tons of grapes in 2014. It was noted that the products of the company are realized not only in Armenia, but also abroad. At present, the company has 216 employees with an average salary of 134 thousand drams.


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