12, 2019

Working visit of the President Armen Sarkissian to Armavir marz

President Armen Sarkissian conducted today a working visit to Armavir marz. The President started his visit from Aknashen community where he was hosted at Elmira Karapetian’s multi-child family. Six of the families seven junior kids are schoolchildren. Their father died in 2017, and their mother, Elmira Karapetian raises the children alone and provides for their care.

President Sarkissian got acquainted with the kids and conversed with them. They told him about their lessons, hobbies and interests. Mrs. Elmira Karapetian noted that she attaches great importance to the children’s education and is doing her best lest the social conditions impede their schooling. She thanked President Sarkissian for remembering and visiting them.

“I thank you for having such wonderful kids. Every child is God’s gift. I am sure that years will pass and each of these kids will grow up and you will have an even larger family which will be full of joy,” the President said. “I wish for the kids to be first of all healthy and study well. Be assured that with each year attention towards you will increase.”

He congratulated all those present on the occasion of the approaching holidays and invited the children to visit the Presidential Palace next year to celebrate the New Year together.

The family received presents from the Presidential Administration as well as the gifts which the kids had requested from Santa Claus.



During his working visit to Armavir marz, President Armen Sarkissian visited N. 2 High School and in the framework of the More for Metsamor project met with the students and residents of the town.

Present at the meeting was also the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Armenia Sergei Kopirkin.

The More for Metsamor project, which is being implemented at the school by the Rosatom state corporation, is a multifaceted program to assist school education. It aims at bringing to school a new content and encourages pupils to engage directly in the shaping of their own future. In the framework of the project, the school organizes meetings with famous individuals, children visit scientific and research institutions and familiarize with their works.

President Armen Sarkissian responded to the questions from the audience, spoke about the importance of science and technologies for Armenia’s future.

“I am not suggesting that you all engage in science or new technologies. It’s hard to imagine a country where everyone is a scientist. My advice is to do whatever can to reveal your talent, desire, a new approach to life,” the President said addressing the students. “Whatever you do in your life, do it with great pleasure since if you have to do something, it will become a huge burden for you and it is difficult to achieve success by carrying a huge burden. On the contrary, if you have a talent, gift and do your job with pleasure, you will certainly be successful.”

He underlined that any child is gifted from birth and it is important for the family and teachers to reveal and cherish it. “Each of you has a talent and you, at this age should be able to find it and understand what you want. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because the life will always correct your mistakes and will put you on the right track. Be honest with yourselves, never lie to yourselves,” the President noted. “Do not think that you should become scientists only because your parents were, try to find what is yours.”

Speaking of new technologies and their role, President Sarkissian noted that in the 21st century they are simply necessary. “No matter what you do in your lives, you will interact with new technologies which means you should be literate. The same is true for our country. In a sense, we are a consumer country when it comes to information technologies. If we want our country to succeed, we should be not consumers but producers,” the President said and noted, “Many might think that it is a dream but our people are able to do it because we have seen on many occasions how the individuals of the Armenian origin in different countries of the world become leaders in modern technologies. Why the same people, or the people of the same genetic origin, cannot become leaders of modern technologies in their own country? We can in principle, if all together decide to develop that area. It cannot be done by one individual, president, prime minister, or minister because it’s an immense job – to elevate Armenia to a totally new level. Some may start from zero and achieve success. It requires discipline, purposefulness, a precise vision, a precise program, and related changes.”

The President was asked about the Presidential ATOM (Advanced Tomorrow) project aimed at the technological development of our country. Armen Sarkissian noted that the initiative aims at bringing to Armenia representatives of the international companies working in the areas of IT and high technologies, turning our country into a leading hub of artificial intelligence, large data management and mathematical modeling. He underscored that to become competitive in the 21st century a number of factors is necessary, among them a high quality education, and free-minded, confident young people.

“It is important to make Armenia a place where along with good education, startups, there are also international companies which will share their experience and knowledge with us,” the President noted. Speaking of the components of the initiative, President Sarkissian said that it would also have a Museum of Future for children or the first in Armenia Disneyland of artificial intelligence where every child will be able to see the future.

He underscored that a small country, thanks to its opportunities and abilities, can be strong and progressive. “Small countries can be not only beautiful but also strong and progressive, and we want to build a country just like it.”



At the Holy See of Saint Etchmiadzin President Armen Sarkissian and His Holiness Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II met today with a group of young handicapped servicemen. The young people are mostly servicemen, who became disabled in recent years, but have been able to overcome difficulties and established themselves as specialists in different areas.

“I am telling with no hesitation that each of you is a hero. Heroes are not only those who have that title; heroes are the people who proved it with their life, their spirit, and the epic victory they gave us,” President Sarkissian underscored. “You all are the soldiers of a victorious army. It was thanks to your personal contribution that we are able to say that we have one of the most powerful armies in the region. Army is strong also for its spirit. When the army was being created, your fathers and grandfathers stood up to defend the Fatherland and Artsakh, and they won. The spirit of that victory is being passed to the next generation, it was passed directly to you with the message you received from your parents, with the same spirit and strong willpower which you inherited from your fathers, grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers. You gave your lives and your health to Fatherland, you fought for life and won, you went through difficulties and kept deep inside your trust in life: your life is meaningful.”

The President viewed as important that after decommissioning each soldier finds his place in life. “It is very important that each of you come back to life and find your place in that life, in the society, and live a dignified life. I hope that a decommissioned soldier, regardless the state he returned in, will fully integrate into the society and will be able to return to a normal life,” President Sarkissian underscored. “I appeal once again to all state and various non-state structures to do their best to take into their working family the heroes who want and can bring their contribution to that work.”

He noted that there are young men in the Presidential Administration who fought bravely, now have physical impediments but are able to fully participate in the works of the Administration.

“The time has come for you to return to normal life. You were heroes on the battlefield; I am confident that each of you will be a hero also at the work place,” the President underlined. “We are proud of you, our defenders and guardians but today also our colleagues. Each of you has still much to do for the Fatherland, your greatest success is still ahead.”

After the meeting, at the Saint Vartan and Saint Hovhaness the Baptist Chapel His Holiness Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II performed patriarchal prayer for the Fatherland’s peace and inviolability.

Later, President Sarkissian and His Holiness had a dinner with the young men, congratulated them on the approaching holidays and conveyed their best wishes.

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