07, 2020

Working visit of the President Armen Sarkissian to Gyumri

President Armen Sarkissian visited the Elbakian family residing in the Marmashen community of Shirak marz. Their son, Captain of the Armenian Army Sos Elbakian, days ago was killed on the Tavush segment of the Armenian-Azerbaijan state border as a result of the military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan.

President Sarkissian expressed his deep condolences to the parents of Captian Elbakian and noted that their son had sacrificed his young life defending devotedly the border of the Fatherland, our peace and security.

The President of Armenia also expressed gratitude to the parents of Sos Elbakian for raising such a courageous and patriotic son. “I bow to his eternal memory. His heroism is immortal,” President Sarkissian said and noted that we all take pride in our Army and its brave servicemen.

At the Marmashen monastery, President Armen Sarkissian lit a candle for the memory of Sos Elbakian and all our troops who gave their lives for the Fatherland.



President Armen Sarkissian made a short visit to Gyumri to see problems caused by the July 13 torrential rains and hail and to discuss avenues to solve them.

Near the bridge at the beginning of Yerevan highway in Gyumri, Deputy Head of Sharik marz Rescue Department Karen Eghshajian presented to the President of Armenia the current situation.

After that, President Sarkissian met with the families, which suffered from the natural calamity and learned directly from them about their losses.

At the meeting with the governor of Shirak marz Tigran Petrossian, Primate of the Shirak Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, His Eminence Ter Michael Archbishop Ajapahian, and Mayor of Gyumri Samvel Balassanian the President was informed on the problems of the citizens caused by the heavy rains and hail, steps and measures undertaken to solve them. President Sarkissian inquired about the situation of the affected families. “The impression is, it hit hard the same place; people, who are living in temporary cottages suffered most,” the President noted. “Today these people are in a difficult situation, and we cannot neglect their problems.”

The President of Armenia said that at his instruction, the Presidential Administration has already planned and started to implement certain programs to assist the affected families.

In particular, household electronic devises were acquired for these families and they will get them soon. President Sarkissian said that no one, who appeared in such a difficult situation, should be ignored. “It is essential that people don’t feel abandoned, citizens of Gyumri should know that they are in the center of our attention regardless of coronavirus, regardless of the border clashes.”

The President noted that because of the coronavirus pandemic the attention has been focused on the healthcare system and health related issues. The pandemic has tragic results and claims human lives. In that context he underscored that it is essential to have statistics related to any situation; however, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are human lives and destinies behind those figures. Like with the heavy rains in Gyumri, with other major global catastrophes, which, unfortunately, also claim human lives, in case of the coronavirus pandemic too, everything must be done not to leave anyone helpless. The President of Armenia urged the municipal and regional authorities to be more prepared, while renovating or building new infrastructure to take into consideration also the possibility of such natural calamities. “When building a sewage or draining systems, renovating a school or a home roof, possible weather changes should also be taken into consideration.”

Heads of regional and municipal authorities informed the President of Armenia on the ongoing and planned programs aimed at the development of the marz and its center town. The President said that while implementing any program, it is very important to preserve the historical and cultural ambiance of Gyumri and the region in general. “Gyumri is beautiful because of its unique historical and architectural style. That beauty must be preserved, this is Armenia’s gem, and we need to be very careful,” President Sarkissian said. “We need to be much more sensitive toward our assets and preserve them with great care.”

In the context of Gyumri programs, a reference was made to the Presidential initiative to create a park and Gyurjiev atmosphere dedicated to the great intellectual, philosopher, a native of Gymri Georgi Gurjiev. President Armen Sarkissian noted that the implementation of this program would promote the city’s development with regard to tourism, culture, social and economic life. The territory of the former barrack at the Kars highway of Gyumri is viewed as the future venue for this program.



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