10, 2009

Working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Moscow

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On October 25, the President of the Republic of Armenia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the All-Armenian Hayastan Fund, Serzh Sargsyan invited a fund-raising reception in the framework of the annual Telemarathon 2009. The event took place at the Ararat Park Hayat Hotel in Moscow and was attended by over 80 entrepreneurs of the Armenian decent.

The fund-raising was also attended by the members of the Board of Trustees, the President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Bako Sahakian and the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Hovik Abrahamian.

The raised money will be used in the programs aimed at the development of Shushi. Addressing our compatriots present at the reception, the President of Armenia said:

“…As you know, the annual fund-raising of the All-Armenian Hayastan Fund, which is often called the “national pledge”, has commenced. This fund-raising is conducted for the Shushi development programs – for the Shushi that was one of the educational and cultural centers of Eastern Armenia, the Shushi, which has always made us proud, today needs our support. Almost certainly, there are not many cities in the world that have a destiny as thorny as Shushi’s. Our beautiful castle-town was ravished during each war that had taken place in our region. It would suffice to say that only during the last two hundred years Shushi had changed hands fifteen times. And because of that, it is ten times more precious to us.

I urge you to participate generously in this fund-raising as our benefactors and mecenats have been doing for hundreds of years. Whatever we give will never be more than the blood that had given by those who liberated Shushi. Let’s rise to their sacred deed.

We are many and we are strong by those sons and daughters of our nation, who are literally cutting through the rocks, who are renovating the Arpa-Sevan tunnel to get waters to flow into Sevan as soon as possible, those, who in distant Argentine teach Armenian children to dance Armenian dances because they trust in vardapet Komitas’s words that “the most powerful tool of national education is the Armenian dance”; those, who at this moment in Artsakh safeguard peace and security of our people; those, who make the screams of the Genocide to be heard through foreign languages and rock music because it is impossible to cry louder than that; those, who publish in Turkey newspapers in Armenian and Turkish to make their souls heard, which is often is not less than a martyrdom; those, who never tire and never despair to explain to different people and especially to the officials in different countries that we are thirsty for justice; those, who after military actions in Lebanon go and renovate Armenian schools.

We are strong with those young people, who call one by one and pledge money for Artsakh. We are strong by all those sons and daughters of the Armenian nation – construction workers, mecenats, architects, who at this time are building a new wing for the Matenadaran, or a hospital in Artsakh. We are strong by those, who every Sunday praise our God in our churches from America to India and Australia. We are also strong by those who do not accept Armenia’s political course today and by those who do. We are strong by those who are not with us at this moment but are forever present in our spiritual, cultural, scientific and political life. Those are the greatest sons and daughters of our nation, who had bestowed the present generations with an opulent civilization but also with a great pride and responsibility of being Armenian. We are strong with all our sons and daughters, with the entire Armenian nation.”

The names of the donors and their pledges will be announced on November 26, when the All-Armenian Hayastan Fund Telemarathon 2009 is to take place.

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