07, 2011

Statement by President Serzh Sargsyan at the press conference conducted during his official visit to Ukraine

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Statement by President Serzh Sargsyan at the press conference on the results of the Armenian-Ukrainian negotiations conducted during his official visit to Ukraine

Mr. President,
Distinguished Representatives of the Mass Media,

We have just concluded our meeting with the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich, and I would like to express my satisfaction with the results of the negotiations, although it’s hard to call them negotiations because of a warm and brotherly atmosphere they have been conducted in.

We have had a comprehensive, positive and purposeful conversation during which we discussed different issues, and assessed how our relations are developing after our meetings last year in Kiev and Yalta.

The agenda of the relations between our two states has been and remains excellent. Certainly, we have allocated considerable time to the economic and trade cooperation and to the issue of the investment climate existing in our countries. We are confident that strong economic relations enhance development of relations in all other areas.

Even though at the beginning of 2009, the turnover between our two countries decreased a little as a result of the global economic crisis, now there is every reason to state that at the end of the year, and possibly at the beginning of the next year, we will be able to reach the pre-crisis level.

We have also touched upon the international situation, thorny issues existing today in the South Caucasus, issues of security and stability. It becomes particularly important in the light of the fact that soon Ukraine will assume the chairmanship at the OSCE. We hope that the Ukrainian chairmanship will make a considerable input to the advancement of the principles and values of the Organization to which we are ready to bring our broad and practical assistance.

On my part, I once again reiterated Armenia’s readiness to cooperate with Ukraine in the international settings on the issues of mutual interest. And I mean, first of all, in the United Nations, in the framework of CIS, European Union and BSEC, other international and regional formats. I am confident that it will serve interests of both Armenia as well as Ukraine.

We have also spoken about the resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. With regard to that crucial and sensitive issue our position is standing and concurrent with the position of the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. Particularly, the issue has to be solved exclusively through peaceful means, based on the entirety of international law and elements which are outlined in the joint statements of the Presidents of Russia, United States and France adopted in July 2009 in l’Aquila, June 2010 in Muskoka and May 2011 in Deauville.

We mentioned the critical role of the MG Co-Chair states in the resolution of the NK conflict and concurred that their approaches must serve the basis for any statement regarding that issue. The people of Nagorno Karabakh are the internationally recognized bearers of the right of self-determination. That right must be called to life and must be fully realized: the NK problem has no other solution.

During this visit a number of documents has been signed which will, undoubtedly, will further our cooperation. I have invited Mr. President, and now I am pleased to do it again in your presence, to conduct an official visit to Armenia at his convenience.

We have expressed satisfaction with the active contacts going on between Armenia and Ukraine in the humanitarian area. We are proud to present to the Ukrainian public the Days of Armenian Culture in Ukraine which kick off today and, particularly, the exhibition of the renowned Armenian artist of the 19-20cc. Vardges Sureniants. Next year, we are planning to organize the Days of Ukraine in Armenia. I am sure that this is an excellent way to preserve the already existing ties and create new ones between the scientific and artistic intelligentsia of our two countries.

The Armenian community of Ukraine is an important link in our relations. It is famous not only for its centuries-long history but also for its today’s representatives, with their creative and business features. One may give many names, however there is one name I cannot miss: born in Karabakh, brilliant movie director from Kiev Roman Balayan. Individuals like him become natural bridges between our nations, and it is precious.

Another great son of our nations was Sergei Paradjanov – a classic of the Armenian, Georgian and Ukrainian cinema, who after “The Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors” movie was accused of Ukrainian nationalism. These individuals, their heritage are our common wealth and we all together ought to multiply it.

Only recently, in Armenia published was the almanac of the Armenian poetry in the Ukrainian language, prepared by the wonderful writer, translator Miron Nesterchuck, to say nothing of the long and productive works in that area of the former Ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia, the renowned specialist in the Armenian studies Alexander Bozhko, whose Armenian can be envied by many in our country.

Recapping today’s negotiations, I would like to note with satisfaction the following: the mutual desire to further strengthen the Armenian-Ukrainian relations has been reiterated at the highest state level, as well as the mutual desire to raise them to a higher level.

Undoubtedly, it is very important; it is important for the prosperity of the Armenian and Ukrainian people and important for the strengthening of security and stability in our region.

Thank you for your kind attention and thank you once again for warm welcome.

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