10, 2011

President Serzh Sargsyan responds to the question raised by a journalist at the press conference with the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy

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Question: The European Union in our region implements various programs to provide for the security and diversity of its energy sources. However, as you know, Azerbaijan utilizes these program not for the benefit of the region, deepening further the existing dividing lines. Profit from the programs are channeled into obtaining even more weapons, in violation of the quotas established by the international agreements and thus stirring up an arms race in this sensitive region. Mr. President, what France has been doing so that EU thwarts such developments, prevents further deepening of the dividing lines in our region and finally establishes in our region a political, economic and energy balance?
Answer: I have stated my opinion regarding this issue at the EU Eastern Partnership Summit. I can repeat that we, of course, respect and understand the EU’s desire to ensure energy security and diversity of energy sources. However, we also anticipate that the very same EU countries will be considerate about our country’s security and issues of stability in our region. We all want the EU to implement programs in our region because the regional cooperation component of these programs can play a positive role in establishing stability. And these programs should also provide for the even development of the regional countries. The end results of these programs should promote peace and not war. These programs should be implemented in a manner that, God forbid, they don’t become a new war nourishing source. This is our position and, I believe, it’s a fair position, and on the other hand it is also considerate.

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