08, 2012

Introductory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the joint press conference with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin


Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich,

I am sincerely glad to meet with You again.

I should note with satisfaction that the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership, based on the friendship which was created by our peoples and withstood the test of times, is developing steadfastly. Our countries have reached a complete mutual understanding regarding issues of foreign and internal policies.

Regular political dialogue at all levels, active interparliamentary ties and contacts among regions also play important role in strengthening the Armenian-Russian cooperation. Today, we have discussed with the President of Russia possibilities to strengthen institutions of our bilateral cooperation, the necessity of more frequent exchanges and consultations at all, including the highest level.

Armenia has always been striving to create a stable and peaceful environment in the Caucasus. Our policy of finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Nagorno Karabakh issue is driven by that approach. We believe that in the South Caucasus, when it comes to the security matters, Russia is playing the leading role. It is also true regarding the constructive steps taken by the Russian leadership towards the resolution of the Karabakh problem which is extremely important for Armenia. We are thankful to You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for Your constant attention and practical steps on that direction.

We are interested in continuing our efficient cooperation in the framework of international and regional organizations based on our mutual interests. We intend to take efforts towards the enhanced coordination of our foreign policies in the international settings in the future too. Armenia staunchly supports further strengthening of the CSTO structures and, just as in the past, will make every effort for the improvement of our organization. We stressed the importance of the CSTO Rapid Deployment Collective Force military exercises to be held in September in Armenia.

Cooperation in the military and military-technical areas is developing successfully. Today, we have discussed new opportunities for war industry complex and in the area of the military personnel training. In 2010, the time terms of the deployment of the Russian military base in Armenia were extended. We believe that the presence of the base emanates from our own security interests. The protocol on the extension has also expanded the scope of involvement of the base, in case Armenia’s security is threatened.

Russia’s economic presence in Armenia reflects the strategic interests of Armenia as well as Russia. Currently, Russia is Armenia’s leading trade partner, and Russia accounts for over 50 percent of all foreign investments in Armenia.
Establishment of our long-term economic ties is reflected in the joint implementation of major programs such as the construction of the new units of the Metsamore nuclear power station, Russia’s possible participation in the major infrastructure projects carried out in Armenia.

We have certainly spoken today about the price for the natural gas imported to Armenia, which is a very important topic. I believe, we have reached understanding regarding the price formation principle: it should be based on the real market price for gas, multiplied (or divided, as you wish) by Armenia’s expediency to preserve the efficiency of its economy and necessity to provide natural gas to Armenia at the price which is comparable to the tariffs existing in the region. Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia is interested in a strong, competitive and developed Armenia. It is a truly partnership approach.

I am grateful to the President of Russia for the unequivocal position regarding every pivotal issue on our agenda. Taking this opportunity, I reconfirmed the invitation to President Putin to conduct a state visit to Armenia at the time of his convenience.

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