09, 2012

President Serzh Sargsyan answered to the questions raised by the representatives of the mass media

Today, during the working visit conducted to Shirak marz, President Serzh Sargsyan answered to the questions raised by the representatives of the mass media.

Question – Mr. President, what is Your impression of this new medical establishment?

Answer: Certainly, the impressions are very good, but I would like you to observe the created conditions and make your own impressions as well. All citizens of our Republic should be able to benefit from the high-quality, affordable and accessible medical services. However in this case, we were aiming at the resolution of another issue too, and I believe that issue is obvious. We were striving to implement the model of a medical center for the Republic of Armenia – you can judge from its external and interior appearances, attitude of the doctors, and yes, we have to have centers like this one throughout the territory of Armenia. Naturally, it cannot be accomplished in one or two years, but I am confident that the future will be like that.

Thank you and I would like to ask you all to keep the works of this healthcare center under regular monitoring because its director and the doctors have promised that this establishment will be an exemplary one.

Question: Mr. President, one question on another issue, if you will. Release of the Azeri murderer has received a sharp response in Armenia, are there any developments on this issue?

Answer: The works are going on. These works will be consistent, deliberate and pragmatic. Every undertaken step will serve a purpose – in the relations with our partners, as well as in the international settings. And our public will be regularly informed on the accomplished works. However taking this opportunity, I would like to ask our public and especially our young people not to burn the Hungarian flag, because the flag of Hungary is not the flag of the ruling party; the flag of Hungary is not the flag of the Hungarian Prime Minister. For centuries we have had very good, nice relations with the Hungarians. Many of the sons of the Armenian nation sacrificed their lives for Hungary’s freedom, its independence; they rose to high positions, had prominent achievements and an appalling act of a man or a party or a government must not become a reason for turning the Hungarians into enemies. This is my request to our public, our young people.
Undoubtedly, protest must be manifested, however in the process we ought not to betray ourselves and our values.

Question: Mr. President, this Sunday Gyumri holds elections for Mayor. The Republican Party, as we know, is supporting Samvel Balasanian. My question is: why not the Party’s own candidate?

Answer: Who said that Samvel Balasanian is an alien? And generally speaking, what does it mean – one’s own candidate? You see, on this occasion I would like to reflect on the issues published recently in different jargons – all this “own”, “alien”, so to speak “dobro”, “zapret” is thieves cant. I want it to be clear, definite and understandable to everyone that parties are created to allow the active participation in the political life. People join parties to actively participate in the political events. Elections are the ultimate political event, thus it is quite natural that a party, its ruling body or its leader support a concrete party member or an individual. So much on this issue. Yes, claims by the media that I have suggested Samvel Balasanian’s candidature for the position of the Mayor are accurate. It is true. First, I believe that the Prosperous Armenia Party is neither our enemy, nor an adversary. In general, we are striving to make efficient decisions, the most optimal choice and if for some position we propose a candidate, we weigh all “pros” and “cons”, I am speaking of course about major communities, and we propose a candidate for Mayor only after taking into account all “pros” and “cons”. In this particular case, I believe Samvel Balasanian is best suited to solve the issues facing this community. First, the atmosphere in Gyumri must be changed and I am confident that Samvel Balasanian can change the atmosphere.


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