09, 2013

The RA President Serzh Sargsyan’s remarks at the press conference on the results of the negotiations with the RF President Vladimir Putin


Distinguished Vladimir Vladimirovich,

Esteemed representatives of the mass media,

I would like to start with the words of gratitude addressed to Vladimir Vladimirovich for the open, honest atmosphere of the negotiations which concluded minutes ago and for the agreements aimed at the further development of the Armenian-Russian relations.

As has already been noted, in a constructive atmosphere intrinsic to our relations, together with the President of the Russian Federation we discussed the main issues of our two countries’ allied partnership in the political, trade and economic, energy, military and technical, humanitarian and other areas.

Naturally, we also discussed regional issues and the NK peace process. I once again reiterated Armenia’s commitment to solve the conflict through the exclusively peaceful means based on the indivisible principles of the right of people for self-determination, non-use of force or threat to use force, territorial integrity of the states. I also reiterated our readiness to continue the search for the resolution of the crisis based on the principles and elements reflected in the statements of the Presidents of Russia, the United States and France.

One of the main topics of today’s discussions was the necessity to improve the infrastructure in Armenia, modernization and diversification of our economy in which Russia is represented through multiple enterprises.

We spoke in detail about the promising areas which may expand horizons of our cooperation. It comprises cooperation in the military-technical area, energy resources, including cooperation in the area of nuclear energy, transportation and communications.

We discussed in detail issues related to the Eurasian integration and I confirmed Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union and participate in the processes of formation of the Eurasian economic union.

Twenty years ago, Armenia in cooperation with Russia and other CIS countries established its military security structure in the format of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Through these decades, the structure proved its viability and efficiency. Currently, our CSTO partners are forming a new platform for economic cooperation. I have said on many occasions that participating in one military security structure makes it unfeasible and inefficient to stay away from the relevant geo-economic area.

It’s a rational decision and it is in the interests of Armenia. This decision doesn’t preclude our dialogue with the European structures. In these years, Armenia through the assistance of our European partners has implemented serious institutional reforms. And in that sense, today’s Armenia is a more efficient and competitive state then she was years ago. We are determined to continue the reforms.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The results of our negotiations are reflected in our joint statements signed by Vladimir Vladimirovich and me moments ago. I am confident that the implementation of all our agreements will give a new impetus to our strategic allied partnership.

Vladimir Vladimirovich,

Thank you for your warm welcome and for the reached agreements.


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