04, 2008

Today President Serzh Sarkissian held a meeting with the heads of the Armenian diplomatic missions accredited abroad.

The President of Armenia spoke about the priorities of the Armenian foreign policy and stressed that to move them forward it is necessary to be much more resolute and active. “We want the coming years to become the years of proactive and vigorous foreign policy,” underlined the President of Armenia.

According to Serzh Sarkissian, there will no radical changes in the foreign policy, the policy of complementarity will be continual, bilateral and multilateral relations with friendly and partner states will continue to deepen and strengthen.

At the same time the President of Armenia tasked to pursue more dynamic and intensive relations with all the countries, which according to him, does not mean that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn’t fulfill the task or acted inefficiently. Serzh Sarkissian said that under the circumstances and time period related to the reforms it is necessary to double the efforts.

President Sarkissian spoke in detail about the current stage of the Nagorno Karabagh peace process and its perspectives.

Serzh Sarkissian attached also special importance to the relations with Diaspora and better realization of its potential.

The President of Armenia invited the attention of the diplomats to the necessity to enhance foreign economic relations and attraction of new investments, noting that a serious work is undertaken in Armenia to create normal conditions for competition. He said that the customs and tax administration would be improved and fight against corruption would become tougher.

At the same time Serzh Sarkissian said that along with the day-by-day activities it is necessary to implement concrete programs – political or economic – set for a certain period of time, which, according to him, would allow to assess the activities of each diplomatic mission.

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