04, 2008

President Serzh Sargsian participated at the general assembly of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences

The general assembly of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences was called today with the participation of members of the academy.

The chairman of the academy Radik Martirosian presented the report on the scientific activity of the academy for the year of 2007.

In his speech President Serzh Sargsian said that the people gathered in the hall are those who are interested in involving the whole scientific potential of Armenia.

“Be aware, that I will do everything for reaching our general goal. You know that the core of the pre-electoral programs both during the parliamentary and presidential elections was the ambitious economic vision. We will seek to do everything to develop our country in right economic direction and for maintaining the tempo of development. I am sure that in our case it will be possible to reach it only by promoting scientific economy and modernization of production powers,” the president said.

According to him, the main priority of the global economy in the 21st century is the formation of intellectual public the main engines of which are ideas and discoveries and their applying in the everyday life ahead of others. The 2007 was prominent with the circumstance that the government approved the comprehensive program of the reforms in the scientific sphere and with creating a state scientific committee.

“We expect that the strengthening of this circle of the state government must give notable result for more effective solution of the issues of the scientific sphere. In 2008 the financing of this sphere increased by 18 percent. In parallel with the reforms of the sphere it is expected to increase the financing continually, we succeeded in redoubling the additional payments given for scientific degrees. I assure you that we, of course, will always increase the funds directed towards science but for the government to be able to continue solving the material-technical issues of the scientific sphere, you must undertake necessary steps for modernization of the system, and for applying quality-control system. You must eliminate the predictions of pessimists that the increase of financing of the scientific sphere will not bring to notable results. It must first of all be done by the scientists and the academy. We want to see clear examples of encouragement of young scientists. For that reason it is necessary to start active work with higher educational establishments,” S. Sargsian said.

One of the main issues the new government is facing is also the promotion of public and private cooperation. The president expressed assurance that it is the most important direction for the development of science as well.

Responding to the issues raised in the speeches, the president expressed opinion, that authorities cannot have any future if they try to tie a scientists or an academy with force.

“Academy and the scientist must stretch towards the authorities and the latter must be interested in realization of a scientist and development of the science,” he said, adding that every year the funds provided for the scientific sphere will be increased.

“We must be sure that these means are being used effectively and we are not playing the role of social insurance body for the scientific establishments,” he noted.

The president is not surprised that scientists have different opinions towards the financing issues. “There may be an opinion that these issues have been solved without the participation of scientists,” he noted, adding that any Armenian has his/her opinion towards the issue and it is impossible to approve a decision acceptable for all. The president suggested that the scientists gather and decide the way of financing of the academy to which the government will agree.

The president said that the scientists will decide how to spend the means: the condition is to spend them effectively.

To the suggestion concerning the creation of a number of new institutes, the president agreed, saying that they must be formed as a result of optimization.

The president also said that he does not agree that Armenia needs only financial means from Diaspora. “It must be never allowed that Diaspora be viewed as a financial source, we must view it as a source of human potential,” he pointed out.

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