01, 2009

Working meeting about the results of the first stage of the defense system’s strategic review process

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Today, at the working meeting conducted by President Sargsyan discussed were issues related to the results of the first stage of the defense system’s strategic review process. The five-staged process is scheduled to be concluded by April, 2010.

Opening the meeting, the President of Armenia said, “Today, we are revisiting the issue of the improvement of the Armed Forces and the strategic review process of the defense system.

We have spoken about the role and significance of our army on many occasions, as well as about the importance of its constant and progressive improvement. On my regular visits to the military stations I personally follow this process, the conducted works, the social conditions, the moral and psychological environment and, of course, the combat readiness. The progress, which is based on strong foundation, is observable and undeniable. There is no doubt about that. However, it is only the one side of the issue, and we cannot content ourselves with that side exclusively. A modern defense system is a compound structure which should not only keep up with the contemporary demands but should also strive to measure up with the highest standards.

From this point of view we should be able not only to follow and react to the developments taking place in the world but also to assume a leader’s role on some directions. In some particular area we simply must be able to state that this is the standard and we have achieved the utmost results. From now on, I will be assessing the accomplishments and the set targets on the level of the highest standards. This must be quiet clear for us. Today we should set the bar at its highest and move confidently toward it. Needless to say, that it will demand persistent and coordinated activities. Just as there are no “holidays” in the army, there are no “holidays” in the conducting reforms. The reforms cannot be implemented with disruptions, we should work constantly.

Based on the principles engraved in the military doctrine, the interagency commission set by me is conducting the strategic review process of the defense system. The activities of the Commission are monitored by the Secretary of the National Security Council and the Minister of Defense.

This is an important process which is intended to put the planning and development of our Armed Forces on a coordinated base. This is especially important for a more sufficient utilization of the resources allocated to the Armed Forces, and from the point of view of developing the proportioned response capabilities to the current challenges.”

The Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanian presented a report on the works of the Commission for the first stage of the strategic review process which are related to the drafting of a document on the assessment of the threats and the security environment in the Republic of Armenia. He underlined that the draft document is aimed at providing a prospective development for the defense system which will be adequate to the current and potential threats.

The participants to the meeting presented their observations and proposals regarding the draft document.

Concluding the meeting, the President of Armenia said that the threat assessment cannot be dogmatic. According to Serzh Sargsyan, it should be reviewed and reassessed periodically while the analysis on which the assessment is based should be renewed constantly.

According to the President of Armenia, a job of this scale is being conducted for the first time, at least on such a coordinated level and it can serve as the starting point. On the following stages the Commission should undertake the development of the planning documents.

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