02, 2009

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working meeting at the City Hall

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Today, President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working meeting at the City Hall. At the meeting discussed were issues related to the activities of the community and municipal authorities in the social and economic area in 2008 and programs for the capital’s development in 2009.

Before launching the discussions, the President of Armenia invited the participants to the meeting to consider two important matters.

Noting, that very soon, only three months after the adoption of the law on the “Local self-governance in the city of Yerevan” the logic, principles and the methods of governing the capital would change, President Sargsyan said that in that period of time his demands toward the work of the City Hall and the communities would increase. “You and us should be able to properly carry out our duties, insuring at the same time a smooth transition to the new system of governance,” – the President of Armenia stressed.

According to Serzh Sargsyan, it would apparently require doubled efforts since in the process the normal life in Yerevan must not be interrupted for even one minute. “On the one hand it will be necessary to maintain business as usual in Yerevan, on the other hand – to work to preserve the continuity,” he underlined in his remarks. The President directed the Mayor and the Heads of the communities to prepare the total inventory of the city’s problems, property, debts, and liabilities to insure the unremitting and continual work on all directions.

The instructions of the President of Armenia were strict and clear - the forthcoming changes must not create an additional hurdle for the residents of Yerevan.

Speaking about the second matter, President Sargsyan said, “As I have said before, during this global financial and economic crisis the state structures and officials must assist the businesses and support any business initiative. To assist with comprehension and, which is probably even more important, not to hold back on one hand, and on the other hand to monitor the implementation of the assumed responsibilities. With this regard, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the municipal and community administration it would appropriate to focus attention on the programs and implementation of the obligations assumed by the developers at the state priority areas. This is very important.”

Mayor Zakharian presented the report on the results of the social and economic activities of the City Hall and Yerevan communities for 2008. He spoke in particular about the programs implemented in the areas of transportation, construction and trimming, urban development, trade and services, education, culture, social and health affairs as well as the existing problems. He also presented the capital’s social and economic development plan for 2009.

Ervand Zakharian spoke also about the fulfillment of the tasks assigned by President Sargsyan during the July 9, 2008 working meeting at the City Hall, noting that the construction works for the underground parking spaces were in progress and according to the preliminary agreement the works were to be completed in 2012. In addition, relevant programs have been developed to relieve the center of heavy traffic and to plant more greenery in Yerevan.

The President of Armenia inquired also about the process of the re-installment of the property rights for the citizens who miss the documents on the legal possession of the apartments built before May 15, 2001 and, noting that it was one of his pre-election pledges said that it would be “quite interesting to know what has been done, what the problems are, and what’s to be done so that the promise can be fulfilled as soon as possible.” Regarding this issue the Mayor of Yerevan said that since the adoption of the law on the “Status of the individual private homes in Yerevan with missing legal documents on possession” up to now over two thousand two hundred units of property have been given the proper legal status. Serzh Sargsyan directed to speed up the process.

The problems of administration of the multiapartment buildings in Yerevan were also discussed in detail at the meeting. Regarding this matter the President of Armenia assigned with concrete tasks the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, Armen Gevorkian.

The Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritsian presented the program of waste management in Yerevan noting that with the assistance of the World Bank, the German Fichtner company provides consulting aimed at the comprehensive study of the entire package of Yerevan’s sanitary cleaning, garbage removal, waste sites, and ecological problems.

Concluding the meeting, President Sargsyan stressed once again that in 2009 the utmost attention must be paid to the projects implemented by the developers in the state priority areas and to the fulfillment of their obligations.

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