09, 2009

The Address of the President of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Serge Sargsyan on the Occasion of the 18th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia

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Your Holiness,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Compatriots,

I cordially congratulate you on occasion of the 18th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.
This is a holiday all the generations of the Armenian nation coveted and sensed deep in their hearts. I emphasize: all the generations without exception.

No matter where the battle was fought: at the River Aratsani, in the fields of Avarayr or Dzirav, on the strongholds of Cilicia, under the walls of Van, at Sardarapat or at Shushi, we were guided by the same vision.

Regardless of whether we decorated manuscripts in monastic cells, or casted letters of Mashtots to print books and journals from Vienna to Calcutta, and from Echmiadzin to Venice, we were guided by the same vision.

No matter whether the Armenian was a successful merchant whose private fleet ranged the oceans, or a hungry and humiliated exile immolated in the Der Zor Desert, he was guided by the same vision.
No matter how much territory we occupied on the world map, and even when altogether swept away from the map, we were nevertheless guided by the same vision: the vision of Independent Armenia that epitomizes freedom, human and national dignity and, ultimately, the right and historical ability to create good and beauty.

That is what makes this holiday great, precious and sacred for us.

Dear Compatriots,

This day 18 years ago, during the all-national referendum, millions of hands reached out to ballot boxes to say “YES”. Thereafter, we joined hands to withstand big and small hardships, we overcame and continue to overcame big and small challenges. However, the main choice is already made. From now on independence is our fortune and destiny, our onus and responsibility, our weapon and instrument, our might and right, from now on, irrevocable and eternal.

What does Armenia preach after having reemerged on the international political arena? Pure and simple concepts: peace, stability, good neighborly relations, multilateral economic and other kinds of cooperation in all spheres. We have been sufficiently patient and wise to take that approach even towards those who for years have attempted and still attempt to hinder our progress by all kinds of blockades and Armenophobic propaganda.

What does Armenia preach to its offspring all over the world after having resurrected from the genocidal hell? Pure and simple concepts: unity, collective will and effort, the state’s determination to pursue and protect the interests and goals of Armenians, filial love of and dedication to the homeland of all Armenians, and a happy possibility to build up the Armenia of our dreams by joint efforts. And Armenia says them: “Welcome back to native home.”

What does Armenia preach to its multinational citizens after having delivered itself from the clutches of all types of tyrannies, caliphates and empires? Pure and simple concepts: liberty, democracy, a rule-of-law state, civil society, and the European system of values.

It also says that economic and other crises are transient, but homeland is everlasting. Armenia’s able and hard-working citizens also can and will overcome these obstacles on our way. We are grateful for the aid provided nowadays to Armenia, however, our century-long experience prompts us that the foundation of wellbeing is one’s own work.

What does Armenia preach to the ones who menace us with war? Pure and simple concepts: we have more than once crossed swords with great and powerful nations that once upon a time mastered the fate of the world, but nowadays are mentioned only in history textbooks. And we say: “We want no war, but we are ready for victory”; at the same time we point out to the possibility of peaceful and political settlement of the Artsakh problem.

Dear Compatriots,

I once again congratulate all of us on occasion of the great holiday. The well-established, enhanced and virile Armenian state is now a reality.

It is a faithful and loyal to its word ally for its allies, dependable and loyal to its word partner for its partners, an opponent arguing with weighty arguments against its opponents.

But above all, it is a sunlit land inhabited by hearty people for its friends and guests.

It exists and will last as long as the sun shines, and will get powerful enough to become the embodiment of the vision our great ones from Khorenatsi to Tumanian, and from Komitas to Aram Khachaturian had.

Long live independence expressed and achieved by all-national will!

Long live the Republic of Armenia!

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