07, 2010

President Sargsyan met with the recipients of the Luys Foundation scholarships

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Today, President Sargsyan met with the recipients of the Luys Foundation scholarships

The President of Armenia congratulated the students on being admitted to the leading educational institutions of the world and said, “Today, I wouldn’t dwell on the importance of knowledge since you know it all too well – you have chosen that road. I want to congratulate you on your active demeanor. Overcoming numerous hurdles you have been able to get admission to the leading universities and, at the same time, you have been able to take care of your tuition fees – you found out about the Luys Foundation, competed and won in that competition. This is very important: Very often knowledge is not enough; you should be able to complement it with an active deportment, and this is your first achievement.”

The President of Armenia said that currently there is great need for qualified human resources, and young professionals are in big demand. “We will augment our state apparatus with these resources to breath in a new life, to modernize it. Toward that end, we need individuals who possess knowledge, who have active demeanor and are willing and ready to work for the empowerment of our state.” At the same time, Serzh Sargsyan noted that if any one of them would be able to continue his or her professional activities in the areas or at the scientific establishments which are not non-existent in Armenia, it would be only commendable since it would be beneficial for our country and our people too. According to the President, in that case nobody will reprimand them for choosing that option, for not coming back to Armenia. However, “if you stay abroad to do the work you could have done here, in Armenia, nobody will comprehend it.”

President Sargsyan once again congratulated the recipients of the scholarships and noted that the state would continue to support them to the best of its abilities.

Serzh Sargsyan conversed with the students on the issues of their interest.

The recipients of the scholarships expressed gratitude to the President of Armenia for supporting this educational program and informed him that they would return to Armenia with a great sense of duty to put the acquired knowledge and abilities in service for the empowerment and advancement of our country.

The President said that it was also important that they inspire other young people with their example.

Serzh Sargsyan noted with satisfaction that the Luys Foundation has become an accomplished establishment and said, “For me it’s a source of personal inspiration and joy.”

The President of Armenia handed to the students certificates of the Foundation and wished them good luck. Stressing, that the students would always feel support of the state, President Sargsyan expressed confidence that many of them would bring their participation to the development and welfare of our country.

Recipients of Luys scholarships from the previous and next academic years are currently in Armenia to participate at the Foundation’s “Let’s Develop Armenia” program. In the framework of the program, the students conduct active social work in the communities, endeavor to use their knowledge for the development of the scenarios and programs designed for Armenia’s advancement.

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