11, 2010

The Chief of Presidential Staff received a delegation of employees of Nairit plant LLT

Today, the Chief of Presidential Staff Karen Karapetian received a delegation of employees of Nairit plant LLT, who presented their complaint about not being paid salaries for the last four months. They also conveyed common concern about loosing their jobs due to an uncertain future of the enterprise which is currently inoperative. Present at the meeting was also the Director General of Nairit Vahan Melkonian. The Chief of Presidential Staff harshly criticized the management of the plant for not taking in due time adequate steps to address the existing problems and pushing the employees for extreme measures.

After receiving the delegation of Nairit Plant, Karen Karapetian met also their colleagues gathered outside and conveyed to them instructions given by the President of Armenia to the responsible officials in the government of Armenia and views related to the future of Nairit Plant.

Noting, that Nairit is not a state-owned enterprise, and consequently the state has no legal right to directly interfere with the issues related to the economic activities of the plant, Karen Karapetian noted that at the moment the state is concerned with the social situation of its citizens who have not been paid wages for months and with the fate of the giant of the chemical industry which plays an important role in the national economy.

The Chief of Staff informed that President Sargsyan has already instructed responsible officials in the executive to discuss with the owner of the plant the existing situation and to undertake necessary steps to pay within ten days 1 month wages of the employees, and afterward, in a month to pay all back wages.

Regarding the re-start of the plant’s works, Karen Karapetian assured that the President’s position is straightforward – everything must be done to make the plant work again.

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