12, 2010

President Sargsyan visited the Glass World Company

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Today, President Serzh Sargsyan visited the Glass World Company, a glass container producing firm in Bjureghavan. The President of Armenia toured the plant, familiarized with its future plans related to the establishment of new production, investment and development programs.

The President was informed that the plant, which is equipped with high-tech machinery and production lines, is exporting 52 percent of its production, while the rest of its output is sold in the domestic market. The Glass World Company, which was created on the base of the Arzi crystal producing plant back in 2004, supplies with glass containers almost all Armenian food-processing enterprises, as well as companies producing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It was also noted that after reopening of the plant, the import of glass containers to Armenia has decreased considerably.

Speaking about the investment programs of the Glass World Company, it was mentioned that the Company was planning to establish before 2012 new production units through the funding of the Eurasian Development Bank. The new units will be established in Byureghavan and Ghazaravan village in Aragatsont marz. A new water filtration station will also be built in Ghazaravan village and the water bottling production will be established in Byureghavan.

Also in Byureghavan, where the Company has many inoperative industrial structures, it is planning to open new units.

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