12, 2010

President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the end of the year sitting of the YSU Council

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The President of Armenia, Chairman of the Yerevan State University Council Serzh Sargsyan participated today at the end of the year sitting of the YSU Council.

Before the Council meeting, the President of Armenia toured the laboratories of the Natural Sciences Departments, which this year have been augmented with a considerable number of modern tools and equipment. The apparatus has been acquired in the framework of a three-year plan which was proposed by the President and established at the 2009 sitting of the Council. According to the plan, equipment will be procured every year to obtain all-inclusive laboratories or to refurbish the existing ones.

At the sitting of the YSU Council discussed and approved was the report of the Rector of the University on the activities for 2009/2010 academic year. The Report was evaluated as satisfactory. Approved was also the report on the income and expenditure of the YSU for 2010 (January-November). The sitting approved the University’s financial plan for 2011.

Participants of the meeting discussed also the draft of the Charter of the Yerevan State University (new edition) which was adopted with the proposed amendments.
Speaking about presented reports, President Sargsyan noted that during this year a certain amount of work has undoubtedly been accomplished, however the situation is far from desirable, far from the one we want to see. Serzh Sargsyan underscored that much is still to be done to make us proud of the education provided by the Yerevan State University. Today, such education is essential.

“I believe, we should be on par with average European education standards. Only when we are able to say that we can provide education of such level, only then we can rest. It’s doesn’t mean that until now nothing has been done, that everyone has been sitting with their hands folded, or there is no progress whatsoever. I do see progress,” stressed the President of Armenia.

He also spoke about the implemented social programs, “I am glad that some problems have been solved, and I am glad that 315 employees of the YSU in 2011, i.e. 315 families can state that they own apartments. Of course, it should be said to their credit that they brought their participation, they had trust in our idea and together we implemented that program. We will carry on with these programs and not only with the YSU but on the country level.”

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