12, 2010

On the occasion of New Year and Christmas Holidays, President Serzh Sargsyan held a reception for the representatives of the mass media

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On the occasion of New Year and Christmas Holidays, President Serzh Sargsyan held today a reception at the Presidential Palace for the representatives of the mass media.

Congratulating the journalists on the approaching holidays, the President of Armenia said,

“Dear journalists and representatives of mass media,
I congratulate you on the occasion of New Year and Christmas. I am glad to host you at the Presidential Palace and to have this traditional meeting with you.

From the point of view of your activities, overall it’s been a productive year. The year’s been prominent for mostly healthy political discussions and very often our mass media has also taken part in these discussions. Many media outlets have been able to honorably fulfill their mission and refrain from becoming a tool for settling scores. I wish that next year, it will not take you, the journalists too much courage to raise an important public issue. I view it as a maturity sign not only for you as professionals but also for our entire society.

I would like to stress once again that we will not cover up any shortcomings existing in the state structures and in our society, and with this regard we will continue to rely on your support. We need your honest and unbiased approach so that the Armenian society, the entire state structure, different bodies and individuals see in the mirror of mass media their own genuine picture. It is crucial that the mirror is not fuzzy and the picture is not distorted. I am sure that your sound reasoning, your discipline and self-control will allow to find solutions for that not a simple task too.

We should remain the promoters of political tolerance, mutual respect and a dialogue, and why not, even cooperation between different sometimes conflicting forces. Falsifications, provocations, insults and labeling hamper possibilities for a dialogue, jeopardize the very possibility to have it. For that reason, I once again urge you in the execution of your professional duties to be fair and comprehensive. The encompassing and objective depiction of contemporary Armenia will also become our country’s chronicles. From that viewpoint your unbiased stance and efficiency are precious not only for the present but also for the future.

Dear Journalists,
In your person I congratulate all journalists and employees of our media outlets and express gratitude for your work.

I am confident that year 2011 will be a year of cooperation, progress and development. Let this year be successful for all your undertakings and initiatives, let it be a peaceful and happy year for your families.

Happy New Year and Christmas!”

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