01, 2011

In the framework of his state visit to the Republic of Cyprus President Sargsyan attended the opening ceremony of the Armenian-Cyprus Business Forum

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In the framework of his state visit to the Republic of Cyprus, today at the Chamber of Commerce President Serzh Sargsyan attended the opening ceremony of the Armenian-Cyprus Business Forum with the participation of the representatives of the business communities of the two states.

The President of Armenia welcomed the participants and guests of the Forum and spoke about the current stage and perspectives of the Armenian-Cypriot economic cooperation, establishment and strengthening of relations between the Chambers of Commerce, business associations, investment and trade fostering structures. He also reflected on the steadfast support of the highest state authorities of the two countries to the steps aimed at the deepening of bilateral economic and trade relations which was discussed by the Presidents of Armenia and Cyprus during their private meeting.


Speech of the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan at the opening of the Armenian-Cypriot business forum

Dear President Christofias,
Distinguished Businessmen,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I salute the participants and guests of the Armenian-Cypriot Business Forum.

During the visit of President Christofias to Armenia in July 2009, among other topics we discussed in depth the issues pertinent to the development of trade and economic ties between Armenia and Cyprus, with a particular emphasis on the necessity to strengthen business ties. This Business Forum pursues that very aim.

The current situation in our economic cooperation does not, to put it mildly, reflect the nature and spirit of the relationship between our friendly peoples. This gap should be filled.

Today, I will not muse over the causes of the present situation: obviously both sides have been somewhat inactive, failing to exert necessary efforts and to obtain adequate information. This situation has to be addressed by engaging in mutually beneficial trade, economic, and business cooperation that will yield results in the nearest future.

Early wins will certainly encourage the business communities of our countries. Establishment and strengthening of ties between the trade and industry chambers, business associations, and investment and trade promotion agencies of Armenia and Cyprus, as well as frequent and regular business forums like this one will be essential in this respect.

I am confident that this Business Forum will provide a strong impetus to our trade and economic relations and to the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between the business circles.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The first session of the Armenian-Cypriot Intergovernmental Commission was held recently in Yerevan. This format is conducive of taking persistent measures to expand our cooperation.

The banking and tourism sectors are worth mentioning for their potential to develop ties. The 2011-2012 Joint Program of Actions for the Implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation in the Tourism Sector between the governments of our two countries was signed during this visit, providing a solid basis for effective cooperation in this sector.

It is also necessary for businesses engaged in agriculture and food production, especially organic food production, to share experience, make investments, and create joint ventures.

Dear Colleagues,

Establishment and development of cooperation between governmental and non-governmental structures that support businesses is vital to deepening the trade and economic ties. Targeted, coordinated, and persistent efforts of the diplomats of the two countries, too, are essential in providing a new impetus to bilateral trade and economic relations.

I assure you that the governments of the two countries will follow closely all efforts aimed at deepening trade and economic ties and will, if necessary, provide support on the highest level.

It is evident and uncontested that trade and economic activities with a friendly country are inherently free from many risks. The capital in our economies, including the human and business resources, should contribute primarily to the build up of our economy and economies of our friendly countries. Otherwise, we would mean that we have not learned the lessons of history.

I would like once again to salute the organizers and participants of this Armenian-Cypriot Business Forum and wish success to you all.

Thank you.

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