03, 2011

President Sargsyan responded to the Statement by the Vice Speaker of the Azeri Parliament Bahar Muradova

The President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan responded to the Statement by the Vice Speaker of the Azeri Parliament Bahar Muradova

I was truly upset by your statement addressed to my spouse and me, which you made at the session of Milli Mejlis. I was upset for two reasons. First, I think that you were very sincere and adamant in your opinion. Second, it looks like the newly invented stories about my people grow daily into firm beliefs in your country, and now it will be very difficult to dispel them by facts and healthy debates only, and to prove the opposite and reveal the truth to even to the most distinguished Madam Vice Speaker.

I have decided to respond to your statement as an Armenian. Should you engage in a frank conversation with the Azeris, who know our people well, they at their most sincere will definitely tell you who the Armenians really are. I know it is hard but at least give it a try. Undoubtedly, afterwards the propaganda will render to you, you and all others, myriads of other horrible ‘stories’, but I assure you that stories from the depths of hearts and souls are perpetual since they are real. One just needs to learn them.

Yes, we face a problem and we need to deal with that problem together. Indeed, together. We must solve it and not live that burden to our children. But to do that, we first and foremost need to transform public mood which leads to destruction, we need to reject mechanisms nourishing it, we need to make away with the environment that feeds violence, causing irreversible loss of young men, an environment where even a child’s life may become a cause for speculations heated by suspicious stories just to serve a clear objective of stigmatizing an entire nation.

We have to give answers to their mothers, and we have to do it together. The only thing their mothers expect from us, is to get their children back.


Albeit your statement is far from reality, I have decided to respond to it. And I hope that after an impartial investigation of the child’s death that you referred to, you will be able to make another statement, no matter how difficult it is.

Serzh Sargsyan”

Recently, the Deputy Chairperson of Milli Mejlis Bahar Muradova publicly appealed to the President of Armenia and his spouse by saying “do not allow your people to kill children.

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