12, 2011

President Serzh Sargsyan invited a reception for the representatives of the mass media

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On the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays, today President Serzh Sargsyan invited a reception at the Presidential Palace for the representatives of the mass media.

President Sargsyan congratulated them on the approaching holidays and wished all the best. The President of Armenia expressed confidence that 2012 will be a year of cooperation, advancement and development. In his congratulatory remarks, Serzh Sargsyan spoke also about the passing year 2011.

“Overall, 2011 has been a successful and fruitful year for your area of activity. In my opinion, in the passing year, the mass media of Armenia has made another step forward in presenting unbiased information. I am glad that you, in most cases, have been able to present comprehensively the wide political palette and highly competitive atmosphere existing in our country, and on the whole have been able to resist becoming an unnecessary and blunt tool of a political tug of war.

Advancement in the area of mass media in our country is observable. Changes in political culture are visible, and it reflects political maturity of our society. Nevertheless, it would be too early to talk of serious success and exchange reciprocal congratulations; it’s too early for that.

We are facing a challenging time ahead. I am talking, of course, of the upcoming elections. The quality of the elections conducted in the given country is the most important factor for determining the level of democratization, which is also reflected in the works of the mass media.

Next year, we all have to pass that exam for the Republic of Armenia. In 2012, all of us together must prove that while having different political views and objectives, we at the same time share one common system of values which is based on the rule of law, fair competition, and honesty. In the framework of this system of values, we must be like-minded – only thus it will be possible to precisely assess the real picture of the existing problems.

That system of values requires that we together continue to propagate political tolerance and mutual respect. Elections are a period of heated debates, however I am hopeful that it is not fraud, provocation, insult and slander that will add fervor to the political life.

For that reason, I am taking this opportunity and urge the actors on the information field, while bearing in mind the importance of the political events in our country’s life in 2012 to remain unbiased and fair.

2011 was not an ordinary year: the Republic of Armenia celebrated the 20th anniversary of its independence; it means that these days we are also assessing the distance we have traveled.

Let’s admit that along with the joy which overwhelms us on the eve of a new year, we all have concerns because for the moment our country is not yet what we want it to be.

Regardless of fact that our problems are conditioned by the intractable and objective reasons, for our fellow citizens who have social, legal or other problems, the authorities are the ones to put blame on. Yes, regardless of everything else, if there are unresolved issues, if there is justified discontent it means that the authorities slipped up. We are all responsible for everything – each for his or her part, regardless of the position or political and ideological affiliation.

I agree that there many yet unresolved issues in our land, which complicate our lives or create discomfort. As President of the Republic of Armenia, I also realize my responsibility, role and position in overcoming them.

At the same time, we cannot neglect the acute necessity of changing the quality of public relations; otherwise the consequences – for the state and the society alike – will be dire. With this regard, we all have serious job to do,” the President of Armenia said at the New Year reception invited for the representatives of the mass media of Armenia.

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