12, 2011

Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays

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My Fellow Citizens,
Year 2011 is becoming history.

New Year is a family holiday. The clock is to strike twelve and in our minds we recap the past and toast looking into each other’s eyes. In families, no matter what tables we gather around, we all hold in our mind a promise to support each other. Our country is everybody’s family. Where do we put a period and with what objectives in mind do we cross the threshold of the New Year?

Dear members of a great family that we call our native land, we have much more in common than we used to think. Regardless of the angle we look from, our objectives become the same when we say Motherland, Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora, peace, parents, children… Let’s garner in our minds our successful accomplishments and victories of the passing year – the proud and sparkling marching ranks, the Matenadaran reborn, the magnificent airport, the deterrence of brigands, the unforgettable moments of national enthusiasm, and others. Let’s leave in the passing year indifference, unresponsiveness, hostility…I will not enumerate them all, you know well enough what is not right and is not worthy of a family. Let us take to the new year 2012 our pledge to support each other and our determination to win new victories for the benefit of our motherland Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora, for peace and creative work, for our families, for our parents and children, for our sons who guard our borders.

Dear Compatriots,

We frequently emphasize that Armenians are the legatees of an ancient and potent culture, and it is indeed true. But it is also true that there is still much imperfection in the contemporary Armenia. There are families, which even on this festive day have hardly warmed up their dwelling; there are despondent villages and towns that do not reflect our ideas and standards of an advanced country. Undoubtedly, we must become a country which will reveal itself at every step of the road – a progeny of a great and rich civilization, bearer of great and rich traditions. Year 2012 should also become a year of diligent work: healing, care, thoughtfulness and comfort in day to day life can be achieved only through work. 2012 will be a year of hard work.

As you know, next year is also a year of the elections to the National Assembly. On many instances, elections have been perceived, and I underline that it’s about perception of some, only as an opportunity to grip or retain power. It’s high time to realize that there are much more eminent goals. I have made my personal decision long ago – to do my best to get rid of those flawed stereotypes, to enroot principles of truly national and truly state approaches in the political life. I make no secret that to do that I have needed help and I still need help.

We are entering not only a new year but also a new stage of development for our country and our society. I have no doubt that we will have new achievements in every area of our state and public life.

Dear Compatriots,

I congratulate you on New Year and Christmas holidays, and wish that excellent mood and optimism reign at your festive tables. Let the New Year bring peace and prosperity to your families and to our country.

Happy New Year!

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