01, 2012

Serzh Sargsyan participated at the session of the Yerevan State University Council

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The President of the Republic of Armenia, Chairman of the Yerevan State University Council Serzh Sargsyan participated today at the session of the Council.

The agenda adopted by the Council included the report of the YSU Rector for the academic year 2010-2011, as well as fulfillment of the University budget for 2011, and issues pertinent to the adoption of the draft of the revenues and expenditures for 2012 fiscal year.

Before taking up on the agenda items, the President reflected on a number of programs which were initiated and successfully implemented as a result of the President’s meetings years ago with the students and young faculty members of the YSU. “The first among these programs has been the program on financing of the Armenian students who are studying in the world’s 20 leading educational institutions. Today, 148 young people, who are studying in the best universities of the world, are the beneficiaries of the Lyus Foundation.

The second among them was the program on the housing for the young scientists, teachers, lectors, artists, and journalists: part of that program has already been realized. That phase of the program will have been concluded by May 2013, and 1300 young intellectuals will have affordable housing. The next program aimed at boosting creative activities of the young scientists is the provision of financial assistance through the Fund for the implementation of their projects and we have agreed on that during the meeting. We have agreed about it during our meeting, and the program has already entered the implementation phase. in addition to these programs, which are implemented by the state, this program too will become an additional impetus for the young scientists.

Another similar program for the YSU is the refurnishing of the laboratories. We have fulfilled our obligations in this area and are waiting for new proposals,” the President of Armenia and Chairman of the Yerevan State University Council said. He also noted that the list could be continued by a number of other programs. However, important is not their number but the fact that the staff, students and the faculty of the University do not limit themselves with the internal problems only. President Sargsyan noted that he was glad that during the meetings issues are being raised which are vital and important for the education and science area in general. Assessing meetings with the young people as useful and efficient, Serzh Sargsyan reiterated his readiness to go on with them.

Afterwards, the Council discussed the agenda items, which were presented by the Rector of the YSU Aram Simonian.

In the framework of the report pertinent to the University’s activities in 2010-2011 academic year, the Rector presented the main areas of the YSU activities in the mentioned period of time, actions taken in 2010-2011 academic year in the framework of the YSU 2010-2014 strategic program of development, as well as the implementation of the complex program of actions for the fight against corruption in 2011.

After listening to and discussing the noted above issues, the Council approved the presented reports. Activities of the Yerevan State University for 2010-2011 were assessed as satisfactory.

The Council has also approved the Rector’s report on the YSU revenues and expenditures for 2011 and assessed financial activities in 2011 as satisfactory. The YSU budget for 2012 was also approved at the meeting. By the same decision, the Rector of the YSU was instructed to make expenditures in 2012 in accordance with the approved budget.

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